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    Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is a process implemented by regulatory bodies, military and army organizations, training centers, as well as human resource professionals for analyzing the talent and the skills possessed by an individual apart from the knowledge gained in a classroom. It is generally done for sieving the people who have a similar skillset, or at times for predicting the outcome of a particular training type provided to an individual. In current era, RPL is being used by certain top-tier schools and universities for providing admissions to the best students on the basis of the outcomes in comparison to the conventional use by the Human resource department of a company or certain trade qualifications. RPLS’s fundamental advantage to potential students is that their course time can be reduced and in certain extraordinary situations, there may be no need to study at all. RPL is specifically the experience and skills that an individual attains while working.

    RPL is skilled assessment of a person not having ICT qualifications. It is required by the Australian Computer Society that such an applicant possesses requisite skills prior to migrating to Australia. Due to this, the applicants that are non-ICT or with ICT that does not suffice are first assessed by ACS. The work experience and qualifications have to be shown by the ICT professionals to the ACS for Australian Skills Migration and thus ACS RPL Report Form has to be submitted by the applicants that do not have any tertiary ICT qualification.

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    The chief reason behind the ACS Skill assessment is providing a chance to professionals that are non- ICT qualified to showcase their skills. This gives them an opportunity to explain that they possess a comparable skill and the manner that they attained these skills. In the “Key Areas of Knowledge” section of RPL, they can incorporate all the areas in which they have acquired knowledge. ACS Knowledge body has placed this section for the applicants not having ICT qualifications, which are similar to a diploma or degree in Australian universities, however, possess experience of several years in field of ICT. providesoutstanding RPL Report writing services, assisting the candidates in doing away with the rejection from the Australian Computer Society. Our services offer RPL report for all engineering domains through an array of professional engineers. This team is aware of the standards of competency needed and therefore, the reports are prepared as per the ACS guidelines. We claim to be a prime RPL report provider in the market as our approval rate is above 98%.

    Various Categories for Application of RPL Assessment

    Two categories for which the RPL ACS assessment can be applied for are:

    1. Candidates possessing the degree as the qualification, however, in their syllabus there is no content associated with ICT. Such candidates must be professionally working as ICT employees in an organization with an experience of at least six years. The employment area must be pertinent to the nominated discipline ANZSCO Code.
    2. Candidates not possessing any tertiary qualifications, however, owningICT skilled employment of two years or more in addition to the six years mentioned above. Nevertheless, this employment of two years may not be necessarily associated to ANZSCO code.


    Two project reports are required to be submitted by the candidates for RPL via ACS Project Report Form. In one report, there should be a mention of the project carried out in the last three years and in another report, there should be a mention of the project required to be undertaken in the last five years. Following are the different factors for ACS and RPL that must be taken into consideration for ACS Skill Assessment:

    • The network topologies with size and installed secure facilities
    • The different methods followed at the time of project management and quality assurance
    • The candidate’s contribution to the design and implementation processes
    • The techniques implemented in system design and analysis
    • The various methods implemented in file and Database design and management
    • The languages of programming utilized in differenteventsassumed for design architypes
    • The use of design of internet application as well as measures of security
    • The ICT managerial activities, which must provide details regarding the responsibilities’ nature
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    Important points to be considered while writing an RPL report 

    • It is good to mention the procedure that was followed while working on the project.
    • It should be mentioned as to how the idea is applied in either product engineering or the wat that your expertise is utilized in the project designing that would highlight the areas of strength.
    • Mention the techniques used at the time of project.
    • The procedure that was followed during the working of the project.
    • In case that a computer language was used in the project, its name should be mentioned.
    • The techniques used for Database management for showcasing the DBMS skills should be mentioned.

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