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National Engineering Register

Engineers Australia's directory of proven, practicing engineers.

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    Answers of Some Top Common Queries about Registering in NER

    Joining NER or National Engineering Register is what engineers in Australia crave for. We have come up with all the possible information that you need to know about the much-sought after NER but prior to that let us know what NER is.

    A Quick Look at National Engineering Register or NER is

    NER or National Engineering Register is a complete directory meant for those Australian Engineers who have achieved the highest standards of professionalism that anybody can expect in the industry.

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    Getting registered in NER means a great career because it is a platform that connects the most trusted engineers in Australia with the best opportunities that they can expect. No wonder why suitably qualified engineers dream to be a part of it.

    Why to Register in NER or National Engineering Australia?

    NER is a benchmark of excellence and highest level of professionalism in Australia. Securing a place in this reputed directory means you will be a part of searchable database accessed by a lot of prospective employers.  You will be identified as a practicing engineering professional having academic qualification, desired experience and abilities expected by the industry.

    Its extensive use by the employers as a trusted source to get skilled engineers of their choice has made it immensely popular. 

    What are Eligibility Criteria to Join NER?

    Those aspiring to join NER should meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Should have all the required qualifications.
    • Should have at least 5 years of professional experience.
    • Currency of CPD or Continuing Professional Development.
    • A commitment towards ethical behavior.
    • Should have PII or Professional Indemnity Insurance.

    If you are a chartered member of EA, you only need to have PII insurance and should maintain it.  For members of EA, a minimum of 5-year of experience in their area of practice is required. They should also hold a satisfactory work experience and should be able to provide CPD or Continuing Professional Development Statement along with PII insurance.

    Non-members of EA have to complete the procedure of qualification assessment first and should have at least 5-year of work experience in the area of practice, satisfactory work experience, CPD and PI.

    To apply you need to furnish the following details

    • Personal Details
    • Your mailing address
    • Education and qualification
    • Contact details
    • Career Overview
    • Employment history
    • Project Experience
    • Professional Referees (not friends and relatives)

    What are Different General and Special Areas of Practice of NER?

    Depending on your formal or informal education, skills and work experience, you can choose a suitable area of practice. This will help you identify on which area to focus for writing work-experience statement. You need to write a work experience statement in your chosen area of practice in an impressive manner to fetch the best possible opportunity.

    NER General Areas of Practice:

    • Aerospace Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Environmental Engineering
    • Biomedical Engineering
    • Structural Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering.
    • Information, telecommunication and electronics
    • Electrical Engineering

    NER Specialized Areas of Practice:

    • Amusement rides and devices in service inspection
    • Building services Engineering.
    • Petroleum Engineering
    • Oil and Gas pipeline engineering
    • Leadership and management
    • Naval architecture
    • Fire-safety engineering
    • Pressure equipment design
    • Verifier and Subdivision Geotechnics
    • Electronics Engineering (ITEE)

    What is the Application Process for NER Registration and formalities?

    Here the entire process is explained stepwise:

    • A good work experience statement is required (seek the help of professionals): Work experience assessment is done by the NER for the purpose of ensuring that the applicants meet all the technical competencies in the area of practice applied by them. Here, applicants need to describe the roles, duties and responsibilities taken by them in their career so far.
    • CPD or Continuing Professional Development Statement is to be submitted after that: As a next step you need to upload CPD completed in the last 3-year duration. Applicants need to show that they have completed 150 hours CPD in three years when they apply for NER. Also, the registrants need to practice a review of CPD in 5 years.
    • Furnish Professional References: Next the registrants have to choose the professional references who can confirm all the work experience details that they have entered in their statement to endorse the fact that they are true. One possible professional reference can be the current employer. If applicant has been working for more than 5 years than the past employers can also be mentioned, other referees can be current and previous colleagues.
    • Satisfying the requirement of Personal Indemnity Insurance: Applicants for NER have to satisfy the requirement of PII as a next step. It can be obtained with your current employer.
    • You will be interviewed: Once you are through with the submissions of all documents and formalities, your professional referees are contacted by the NER panel for discussion and the registrant is interviewed via video conferencing.

    For Non-members of Engineers Australia:

    Those who are not a member of Engineers Australia but want to get registered in NER have to undergo competency assessment. CV, transcripts, qualification standards are assessed phase by phase by the Engineers to evaluate whether they meet the Australian standards.

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    How Much Time Initial Assessment Take?

    Initial assessment of the application is completed in about 3-4 weeks. But, the total time varies depending on the information required from the applicant.

    How to Cancel the Registration?

    It can be done any time but NER has the right to cancel any registration if it suspects any unethical activity or if registrants fail to submit the registration fee or the annual charges. If necessary requirements of NER are not met like the mandatory PII, the application will be null and void.

    How the Information About Engineers Displayed on NER?

    NER displays all the details of registrants elaborately. All the information like their full name, area of practice, occupational category, state, address or territory of residence in Australia is displayed here.

    What are the Benefits of Being Registered on NER?

    It is a national system of registration in Australia with significant benefits for all. It is a great alternative to Government registers where areas of practice are governed by legislation.

    • Employers: Get assisted for selection of desired and qualified engineers.
    • Practitioners: As a great marketing tool.
    • Professionals: As a method to raise their status and get recognized in the community.

    It is a great resource for the purchasers of engineering services.

    Who all can register in NER?

    Chartered Members of Engineers Australia:

    Engineering technologists, professional engineer and engineering associates having the benefit of PI insurance and can maintain PI insurance.

    Engineers Australia Members in Each Occupational Category:

    Engineering associate, professional engineers, engineering technologists having a cumulative 5-year experience in the industry and 7 years in the area that they practice can register. They have to provide a satisfactory work-experience and CPD or Continuing Professional Development statements verified at the time of interview. They also need to produce PII and have to demonstrate that they can maintain it.

    Non-members of Engineers Australia:

    To apply for NEA, non-members of engineers Australia must complete assessment and should be able to provide a satisfactory work-experience and CPD statements verified at the time of interview. The candidate should also have the benefit of PII insurance and should maintain it during the provision of engineering.

    Is There any Privacy Policy That You Need to Know?

    When you register on NER or National Engineering Register, you are giving your consent to furnish your personal information being available to the public at large. In accordance to Privacy Act 1988, the personal information would include your name, your category, your grade, title of the membership. The register may also include suburb, postcode, your e-mail address and professional address etc.

    NER is a digital badge, all those who do not give consent to their personal details being used in this way can choose not to register ion NER.

    Getting registered on NER as a professional engineer is a matter of great pride. Once you are registered with it you are eligible to hold a demonstrating badge and win the trust of employers and public. Join NER for being recognized as a professional Engineer and make your dream come true.

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