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Professional CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Writing Service for Engineers Australia’s Migration Skills Assessment Process. 10% OFF on Complete CPD Writing Help!

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    What is CPD Writing?

    Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a merger of approaches, thoughts and methods that helps you to administer your skills and development. With the help of CPD, you will be able to demonstrate technological progress and skills pertaining to your field. CPD helps you to extend your professional set-ups and contacts and gives you a professional recognition.A CPD is important because it exhibits that you have demonstrated competency in your profession continuously. EA has alienated professional engineer competencies into four standard elements - personal dedication, commitment to society, value of workplace and technical proficiency. A CPD report expresses everything that you learn from the workplace. It is an advanced description of what the engineer is learning presently. The process of making CPD starts from identifying your development needs through planning and then carrying out your learning activities and then applying it.

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    What should a CPD demonstrate?

    The Engineers Australia has specified specific CPD guidelines that every member should follow to maintain their CPD. According to Engineers Australia, there are eight types of CPD and they have mentioned the minimum number of hours associated with each of them. The professionals have to maintain 150 hours of CPD per three years. The following table provides complete details and types mentioned by Engineers Australia (EA).



    Number of hours required

    Type I

    Tertiary courses

    no limit

    Type II

    Technical discussion, workshops and short courses

    no limit

    Type III

    activities are undertaken in the organization that enhance the areas of practice

    75 hours maximum

    Type IV

    private study

    110 hours maximum

    Type V

    Services provided in the engineering industry such as voluntary work, mentoring and interviewing, etc.

    up to 50 hours maximum

    Type VI

    preparations of materials for seminars and courses

    up to 45 hours for paper publication

    up to 75 hours for a critical review

    Type VII

    academic research and engineering teaching

    Minimum of 40 hours

    Type VIII

    other activities that can meet the CPD requirements

    Additional documents and details are needed.

    Four main elements of CPD stated by the Engineers Australia

    Engineers Australia evaluates the CPD based on these elements:

    • Personal dedication: How you practice ethical behavior in the workplace and take responsibility for your engineering activities?
    • Commitment to society: How can you engage yourself in social activities and undergo risk mitigation?
    • Value of workplace: How well you can communicate at the workplace and demonstrate your skills in decision making and teamwork?
    • Technical proficiency: How can you demonstrate your engineering skills, knowledge, creativity and innovations?

    Why is CPD important?

    CPD is significant for individuals to demonstrate that they are able to adhere to existing essential principles such as legal, therapeutic and accounting roles. CPD helps the people to preserve a reliable set of high quality, relevant proficiencies and knowledge all over the professional life. CPD puts the learner in a favorable site to reveal new facts, inspiring principles and growth in their profession. Here are some of the benefits of CPD for the learner:

    • Improves your skills and understanding:helps to close any knowledge gaps.
    • Keeps educational and practical experience up to date: you should keep appropriate skills in today's moving world.
    • Opens pathways to career development or prospective redirection: you can get better job security.
    • Enhances your capability to learn and progress regularly: you will learn quicker as you get used to the process and will turn into a better independent learner.
    • Promotes independence: a CPD wants you to connect in learning behaviors consciously and chase your plan, while other CPD activities can advantage you from engaging in extra research and learnings.

    Writing a CPD for Engineers Australia

    CPD is a record of the expert experience, for example, knowledge, surveys and skills, etc. CPD is a procedure that is usually undertaken to document the structured expertise, interviews, skills and experience as well as to implement them systematically. This technique also includes the preparation and beginning of the engineer's work and capacity. Such essential elements should be included in a functional CPD. In the CDR, it is important to include a wide range of technology specifically related to CPDs, together with the details related to the course name, training year, training period, training place. It should also include the educational and extracurricular information of an engineer.

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    Being an engineer, you can claim continuous professional development online courses as CPD hours if they are relevant for your career development.There is a specific format for writing CPD. Detailed information on duration, location and achievements should be given by the format. Everything that an engineer does to advance his or her career should be considered, formally and informally. A professionally designed CPD illustrates both, the skill and the desire to develop as an engineer. This displays the expertise, abilities and other qualities that are equally important to every respectable organization, including administration, governance, mentorship, education, writing skillfulness.

    Things to remember while writing CPD for Engineers Australia Skills Assessment

    The various aspects that should be considered while writing CPD for Engineers Australia are stated below:

    • CPD should be in a listing format with the data of training title, date, duration of the training including training location
    • CPD must be in the sequential arrangement
    • CPD should include the information of post-graduate learning, workshop and seminar attended, a research paper published, arrangement and preparation of material for courses and services to the engineering career.
    • It must comprise the comprehensive data about title, date and time.
    • CPD must not be exceeded than one A4 page.
    • There is no requirement of attaching the course certificates and events in which you were involved.
    • CPD should contain things like your past company, including the knowledge of your software or coding strategies.
    • A CDR should hold all the applicable CPD which helps a lot for your advance career in Australia.
    • While preparing a CPD, you must include the information about what you did instead of the technique you used.
    • If you have guided students anytime in the engineering field, then this would also be considered in your CPD reports.

    How to enhance your CPD?

    You should have a vision of how you want to conduct your work and what are your profile goals. You should begin with a reflective session and thus consider areas of improvement to organize your CPD. Keep collecting the feedback from your managers and co-workers, evaluate and act upon them. Keep looking at the opportunities and assess how they serve to enhance your professional career. Your proactive approach to your profession will play a major role in ensuring that you have chosen successful CPD activities. Take the following list of continuing professional development to a personal record that you will maintain. This defines the CPD in chronological order with an appropriate description that can be used to generate your Engineers Australia CPD record.

    Format for writing a CPD for EA

    A CPD is essentially a record of an engineer's experience, research, ability, and offers relevant information on his/her interest to the area and contribute by participating in projects and courses related to the Engineering field. The layout can be followed according to the EA.

    Activity of CPD


    the tertiary course took individually or as a formal post-graduate honor

    The learning may be either on campus or from distance learning. These actions involve some forms of assessments

    conferences, seminars, group discussions, workshops and short courses

    Technical meetings which include Engineers Australia.

    Seminars given by the third party in the engineering field.


    Learning behavior in the workplace that increases proficiency in the area of practice

    Seminars, discussion groups and workshops for employees.

    Private study which enhances your awareness and skills

    The private study comprises reading articles, books, journals, manuals, etc. you must keep the records of personal readings such as date, title, name of author and time invested in reading. This information should be documented after you have understood the article for audit purposes.

    social engagement on behalf of the engineering team

    ·         Serving in a volunteer aptitude on the boards and committees.

    ·          Reviewing technical publications before publishing

    ·         Mentoring colleagues for work experiences.

    ·         Participation in technical standards related to the organizations.

    researching and arrangement of material for courses and seminars

    The time for exploring, drafting and preparation of material for CPD ideas. 

    An effective CPD must have all these components discussed above. The process of writing CPD is complicated and needs many efforts. The Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) requires the inclusion of all kinds of engineering-related CPDs. Data and information entered in and reported in the CPD should be up-to-date and appropriate. Your CPD should be plagiarism free and 100% unique. The assessors look at the attempts that you have made to keep side by the side of the constant changes in the domain, how updated you are and how you aim to fit in as per the requirements of Engineers Australia.

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