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    CDR Help for Aspirant Engineers

    Putting Together An Exemplary CDR Help

    ACompetency Development Report (CDR) shares the information about your engineering professional experience, knowledge and growth initiatives. The report is a compilation of documents which is required to be submitted to the Engineering Institutes'. With the help of these CDR helps, the engineers look forward to getting an accomplished migration visa for Australia to prove their potential. A CDR Help for engineers usually consists of three Career episodes describing your professional engineering activities of last projects, a summary statement and a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) statement that lists short courses and workshops attended throughout the career. Engineers Australia (EA) is the evaluating authority for the migration application and they prescribe the guidelines to prepare a CDR.

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    CDR is considered as the backbone of Australian migration application. Here is the brief description of a CDR Help:

    · Career Episode (CE)

    For Career Episode, you need to choose the three most relevant and compelling episodes, which helped you to show the required proficiencies and skills. As an applicant, your focus should be on finding a correct alignment of your achieved desires. Every episode you choose to specify demonstrates your ability to represent a particular competency. A career episode of CDR is usually written in the first person and the recommended length should be 1000 to 2000 words. While writing a CDR, just remember that this part should not be too technical. For each career episode, you have to mention these four sections:

    1. Introduction section of about 100 words, this section should cover the project's dates, duration, locations, past organization and workplace.
    2. A background section of 200-500 words. In this section, you need to describe the context of what you were working at that time.
    3. The personal engineering activity of 500-1000 words. In the section, you must ensure all the challenges you faced and what interventions you did to overcome them.
    4. The summary that highlights the competencies you described in the career episode.

    Take note of all the calculations of both engineering and technology that you have performed for the project. Keep track of their results and the process you followed to reach them. You must have to mention all your achievements at the end of the career episode section, which includes the project outputs or the goals you met.

    · Summary statement

    In this part, you need to plan the instances to a competency element categorically. For a successful summary statement, you need to number every paragraph of the career episode correctly. This would help you to specify the right number of paragraphs in the report. Numbering these paragraphs enables the EA assessor to check the important points and locate the specific pointer in the career episode section. 

    You have to show three types of indicators in a Summary statement that are:

    1. Your engineering skills and knowledge
    2. Application of your engineering capabilities
    3. Your personal and professional characteristics.

    · Continuing Professional Development (CPD) statement

    In the CPD sections, you have to present the initiatives you have taken to upskill yourself throughout the training. CPD helps you in widening the professional networks and contacts along with enhancing the knowledge. A CPD statement must be done in a list format and must include detailed information about the title, time period and location. It should not be of more than one page. The list for CPD includes the details of:

    1. Your education information (even if done a distance course)
    2. The number of conferences you attended
    3. The material you prepared and presented in seminars
    4. Volunteering work related to your profession
    5. Short-term courses, seminar, workshops and discussions you attended and
    6. Books, journals or manuals studied by you

    Significance of CDR Australia

    In Australia, engineers are in great demand. Every year, a large number of aspirant's applications are rejected because of a lack of knowledge about the CDR Help.The Australian government has implemented strategies to enhance immigration to Australia, particularly for engineers. If proper accreditation groups do not document your engineering degree, you have to present anappropriate report of your work called the CDR Help. A CDR Help is very important to get a valid visa to Australia. An effective CDR describes all the competencies for the engineer.

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    If you don’t have an accredited degree and looking for an impressive engineering job in Australia, you need to meet certain parameters described in CDR. The entire CDR is written in the English language and thoroughly checked by Engineers Australia (EA).

    Main points for CDR writing

     When you write a CDR on your own, the risk associated with that is a lack of data or a poorly-written report can ruin your probability of getting an Australian Skilled Migration Visa. Here are the guidelines issued by Engineers Australia for CDR:

    • Your CV must be a full synopsis of your engineering skills and work knowledge. It should be a sequential record of your employment and must be represented on A4 size pages. For each of the workplace, you need to mention name and location, dates and duration and job title.
    • Your CPD must be presented in a listing format in not more than one A4 page.
    • Career episodes must be written in English in approx 1000-2500 words and should not be technical.
    • There should be numbering in each section of career episodes in the subsequent manner Career episode 1 (paragraph 1.1, 1.2, 1.3….)
    • These section numbers should be used for reference in the summary statement.
    • A career episode should be more like an essay.
    • There is simply one summary statement for the entire three career episodes.

    Documents you need to keep ready with a CDR Help

    An EA will only consider your work experience, which supports your presented evidence well. Therefore you must ensure that you attach and submit all the valid evidence to enhance your chance of getting through the assessment. These are the following credentials you need to present with a CDR Help.

    • A recent passport size photograph of yours
    • A copy of your present passport with your photo and name
    • Academic certificates
    • Official academic transcript
    • Update CV
    • IELTS result
    • Name change document (if present)
    • Evidence of last employment and the ones you have mentioned in CDR Helps.

    These tips will be helpful in writing an effective CDR Help

    Here are some tips for writing that can help you to qualify the parameters of Engineers Australia (EA):

    • Before starting a CDR, you must clear the principle of the report and read the EA guidelines vigilantly. Understand that your CDR help has three significant fundamentals: a CPD list, three career episodes (CE) and a summary statement. Every component serves a significant idea in your report. Once you recognize all the requirements of your report, it will be easier to write the sections.
    • The English used by Australians is similar to the British language. You have to be suspicious about your word choices, spellings, and writing format. You have to ensure that your draft fits into the Australian standards. Before sending the draft, you should make sure that the content is free of grammatical errors.
    • Decidingheadings for your career episodes is a conflict. You can go through the competencies Engineers Australia looks for relating for the professional class of your alternatives such as Technologists, Engineering Associates or Engineering managers.
    • The EA only wants to know about you, not about your company. So, you must bounce over the further details about your past company or marketplace shares. You have to stick to what you have done personally for the company and what are the rewards and achievements you have received? Ensure that you can validate your claims with proofs.
    • Your every paragraph of Career episode matters. As in the summary statement, you have to refer them and point out the competency elements. Your summary statement is the first page that an assessor reads. It shows how well you analyzed the information and serves the first impression on them.
    • Always use the first person for writing Career Episodes and stick to active voice. You can start your sentences like this 'I planned,' 'I searched,' ' I checked,' etc. You must stick to the facts and details of your experience in engineering.
    • Use the CDR samples only for references. Never try to copy them. Plagiarism in CDRs is the way to get your CDR rejected by Engineer Australia. Before starting a CDR help, you should sit and read a few samples. Every report should be unique and 100% original. You should always choose to write about your achievements and work experience. Never forget to check the plagiarism for CDR, it could ban your CDR.

    The process of writing a CDR is complicated and demands infinite efforts. So, if you get stuck at some point, and have no idea about what to write, don’t be disappointed, we at, provide you with finest CDRs that are assured of receiving approval from EA.

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