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Willing To Study Abroad? Know Five Reasons For Engineers Migration To Australia

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    We can see that the Australian migration of technical minds is becoming an attractive factor for most of the people across the world. Hundred of Engineers are landing at Canberra and Sydney from UK, South East Asia and South Africa every year due to several reasons. The already employed engineers in Australia who are friends of the rest of the engineers in these countries are also providing information for good career opportunities in the country. 

    We know that Australia is a highly prosperous and developed country and is having a good reputation of providing a sound infrastructure for welcoming such migrants of skilled brains. The country is providing well-paid jobs, high living standards and highly resourceful lifestyle. These opportunities are ranking Australia as one of the best-featured countries to live a luxury life.

    You can also note that the minimum wage criterion is high in Australia if compared to other countries. In Australia, the minimum wage is $17.70 per hour and in New Zealand, it is $AU14.22 per hour; which is higher than the prosperous countries like the UK, France, Canada and Germany. As a job seeker, this allows you the affordable rental housing, food and other requirements hence can provide you a more attractive factor for migration to Australia.

    There are certain specific reasons for why Engineers choose to migrate to the country of Kiwi and Ostrich. These are listed below:

    1) We know that Australia has a Skilled Occupation List (SOL) which is used to list down the most of engineering occupations. Also, if you are a graduate engineer and are having no work experience then you can also opt for the provision of skills assessment test conducted in the country. The closer look reveals that the skilled 'Graduate' migrants are recognized under 'Subclass 476', 18 Month Visa which is a work visa provided to immigrating engineering graduates who have completed their graduation in last two years. Also, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has provided a facility to enhance academic qualifications by providing permission for doing more courses in Australia with the running job under Washington Accord. These factors make it easy for immigrating engineers to get a good job and an Academic qualification with that. There are huge opportunities for Engineers who are willing to live a comfortable life filled with skill recognition programs. There are VISA norms to work at Australia which come under three subclass categories of 189 (for skilled and independent immigrants), 489 (for skilled and regional provisional migrants) and 485 (for temporary graduates). This latest categorization provides you more opportunities for the country of prosperity, comfort and beauty of reefs.

    2) Things have turned easier for you by the Australian Recognized organization "Engineers Australia" has made the English qualification norms much easier and convenient for the immigrating students as now Engineers Australia accept TOEFL IbT (Internet Based Test) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) as a means to address the competency benchmark exams for the English Language. This is accepted for you in both situations of when you are willing to pursue post graduation in Australia or are an Engineer who is seeking a job at Australia. Also, there is a high demand for skilled and professional engineers in the country with engineering jobs listed in the category of "in demand". For example, the state Victoria is always ready to recruit Engineer Managers, Mechanical Engineers and Civil Engineers.

    3) The country provides you the free or minimal cost Healthcare Subsidy from World's Best Hospitals. The healthcare system of Australia is providing you the all-around medical facilities and Medicare services with free medical checkups, low-cost treatment at public hospitals by the specialized Doctors and prescription of medicines. The services provided by the Medicare system of the country can be accessed by all the visitors, Australian residents and citizens with equal priorities after their enrollment.

    After being eligible for Medicare policies, the patients are provided:

    • Free or subsidized healthcare treatment is provided to you by specialized health professionals like doctors, super specialists, dentists and optometrists with the in-house departmental diversification of machines and hierarchies of practitioners on the basis of their experiences.
    • Free treatment and accommodation of Public Medicare registered patients in public hospitals.
    • For the private or non-registered patients operated in either public or private hospitals, there is a discount of 25 percent for you on the Medicare bills and fees.

    4) The country assists you with high quality Subsidized or free of cost education for Post Graduates. The education system of Australia provides you a free or highly subsidized education for higher education services like MS, MBA and other postgraduate professional courses. The public education system of Australia holds a good reputation for providing a high quality of updated education to students and providing new learning methodologies. One more benefit that you can take is that the Australian education system not only relies on the academic results and grades but focus on the outcome of students which is obtained through learning, interaction, sports activities, practical exposure to real-time industries, etc. The system of education is more holistic as compared to other counterparts of Asia. Also, the country provides you the facility of bilingual language programs in Australia for the students who are not good at English education system and hence, the language plays no barrier for While English is the main language of instruction in the Australian education system, many schools offer programs in other languages and bilingual programs.

    5) If you are immigrating engineers who have qualified the 2 years Masters Degree course from Australian University or a Ph.D. program, then you are exempted from the English language test to start doing a job at Australia. The speakers who have the native English language like from USA, UK or New Zealand are also relieved from the burden of English assessment tests. Also, for skills assessment of you as an immigrant engineer, there is a fast track 5-day skills assessment procedure program which is much faster than the average standard turnaround of nearly 13 weeks. Also, there is no need to complete the lengthy process of Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) for the immigrated engineers who have completed post graduation from Australia. As an engineering migrant, you are highly supported at Australia with high subsidies, scholarships and remuneration programs for the benefit of the immigrating engineers. The country offers you good health facilities with clean and hygienic living standards. These facilities also provide a good aid for engineers to migrate to Australia and hence providing a more skilled human resource for the growth and development of the economy of the country.

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