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Who Should Apply for CDR Writing Services?

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    Hey guys! Confused whether you are eligible to opt CDR Writing Services or not? The answer to this question lies in the definition of a CDR Report. Let’s first understand what is the purpose of a CDR Report? Engineers from different countries who want to migrate to Australia needs to present a CDR report before Engineers Australia (EA). It is the assessing authority for engineers who want to migrate to Australia.

    Eligible Applicants from countries who are in full signatory to the Dublin Accord, Sydney Accord or Washington Accord; and applicants from Australia get accredited by the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment). They don’t have to submit a CDR (Competency Demonstration Report). But, qualified applicants from other countries that are not in signatory, needs to submit a CDR. It is a very important document on which your migration depends. This report is a type of document which showcase your eligibility to work with other engineers in Australia. It reflects that you have the required skills. Now that we know how important CDR is for engineers, so, taking CDR Help from experts will be a wiser decision.

    What is CDR for Australia Immigration?

    It is crucial to understand what CDR is based on and what is the eligibility criteria for Australian Immigration? CDR assessment is based upon the applicant’s graduate competencies and qualifications.  There are 4 categories of CDR for Australia Immigration that EA recognizes. Each category has its own set of graduate competencies. If you fit into any of these categories, then you are eligible to migrate to Australia for work. Then you can also seek CDR Writing Services. These services will help you crack the assessment done by EA.

    Let’s have a look at these 4 categories listed below.

    Category 1: Professional Engineers

    If you are an aspirant with a complete four years of Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and hold a work experience, then you can apply under this category. As per CDR Engineers Australia, Professional engineers are capable of handling various engineering programs and projects to benefit society, government, and business. Work experience should include:

    • Understanding the risks, limitations, and cost of a project.
    • Handling different stakeholders.
    • Ensuring smooth and reliable functioning of different technologies and materials related to the system.
    • Contributing to a project from the beginning to the end.
    • Handling both technical and non-technical considerations in a desegregated manner.

    Professional engineers are considered as the innovators and people who can bring in positive improvements and changes. Applicants should be good at research and the advancement of science and technology.

    Category 2: Engineering Technologist

    If you hold three years of either a degree or diploma in any of the Engineering disciplines, then you are eligible to apply under this category.  Engineering Technologists are expected to be good at their specific branch of engineering technology. You should be familiar with current and emerging technologies related to your domain, and also of its current applications. Engineering technologists don’t need an experience like Professional Engineers in system integration or stakeholder interaction.

    Category 3: Engineering Associate

    This category is suitable for you if you have a two-year diploma or degree in any of the engineering disciplines. In Australia Engineering Associates are considered as ‘para-professionals’. These people have close knowledge of the codes and standards of the engineering practice. They have detailed knowledge of how to safely operate plants and equipment cost-effectively. Roles that these paraprofessionals play include:

    • Feasibly investigating on how to design and develop and to source and procurement various resources.
    • Keeping a check on quality assurance and management of different materials.

    You should have a good hold over the areas under your field of expertise. Such associates are known to own their own company one day, or they may become senior managers in companies where they employ engineering technologists, professional engineers or other specialists at appropriate positions.

    Category 4: Engineering Manager

    People falling under this category can easily get a skilled visa to stay and work in Australia. Engineering managers are expected to have in-depth knowledge of various processes in the field of engineering technology. They should be able to prepare strategies, plans and policies to bring in a smooth transition in these processes. This position is a high-level executive position. To apply under this category, the candidate needs to have at least 7 years of experience as a Professional Engineer and a minimum of 3 years of experience as an Engineer manager. Another mandatory factor is that the team members reporting to this candidate should be of the Professional Engineer level.  

    Why CDR is required?

    Preparing a CDR report becomes an essential point, once you fit into any of the categories above. You need to present this report with your application so that EA can assess you well.  CDR allows you to showcase that your engineering skills and competencies match the Australian standards. An Australian CDR should include documentary evidence of your core technical engineering skills and knowledge. It should also include the filled application form of the occupation category that you choose.  Your CDR should specifically highlight your technical competencies. With the intense level of this report, you should not take the risk of making an unprofessional report, as you may not know about the technicalities. So, it is advisable to take the help of online CDR Report Writing Services.

    Why choose us for CDR Writing Services?

    NEEDCDRREPORT is a professional CDR report help service provider. We have a team of CDR experts who know the requirements of CDR and how to pass through the EA assessment. Our team of experts includes Professional Engineers who have face the assessment themselves and therefore are capable of producing an error-free report. They hold excellent knowledge of various Anzsco Codes. With the report prepared by our experts, you will surely get your visa. We will help you develop reports which will directly reflect that you are the right candidate under the category you are eligible for.

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