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What is RPL Skill Assessment Form For Immigration To Australia?

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    Planning to migrate to Australia?

    Do you have any idea how to do it?

    Don’t Worry!

    Here we will discuss about one of the assessment procedures, that is Recognition of Prior Learning.

    What is an RPL?

    There are a lot of students who are willing to migrate to Australia to pursue their career in a renowned organization. They have to get their skills and knowledge assessed before they can be allowed a migration certificate.

    In simple language, RPL is a platform used to showcase your skills and talent in the field of Information and Communication Technology. In order to get a good job in any of the required field, it is very important for the students to get a certificate in it. 

    However, RPL students do not have to undergo any additional certification if they have knowledge in the field of Information and Communication Technology. They are just required to pass a given exam and prove that they are skilled in undergoing the projects in this field. 

    Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is an assessment of the skills of the students willing to migrate themselves to Australia.

    Who is required to get an RPL assessment?

    The candidates pursuing the subject Information and Communication Technology and having a recognized certificate in it are required to an RPL assessment to facilitate their smooth migration in Australia. 

    Even the candidates who do not possess a recognized degree in the field of Information and Communication Technology can get an RPL assessment on the basis of their skills in this field. Their assessment of skills is done by the Australia Skilled Migration committee.    

    Students passing the required test under the assessment are only certified as eligible for an immigration certificate in Australia. 

    Let us know discuss upon the assessing committee responsible for assessing the skills of these students

    The Australian Computer Society is given the duty to assess the qualities of the candidates willing to migrate. The ACS allows the students to showcase their skills and to state from where these skills have been acquired. 

    The RPL assessment brings a lot of benefits to the candidates. A candidate having a relevant degree in the subject of Information and Communication Technology can easily present their certificate and get their migration approved. 

    But how will a candidate who does not possess any degree in this subject prove it?

    Thus, the RPL assessment gives a great chance to the candidates who are willing to migrate into Australia but does not possess any recognized certificate in this subject. Rather they are given a chance to prove them on the basis of their skills and hold on the subject. 

    Students are allowed to showcase any number of fields in which they can prove themselves as the best. 

    RPL Application:

    Candidates willing to get located in Australia can apply in any one of the categories for passing the RPL assessment. These categories are mentioned below:

    • Candidates who possess a degree in any of the disciplines but are not certified in the field of ICT are required to have a minimum professional experience of six years. They must have worked for the stated period in the field of ICT.
    • Candidates possessing a certificate in the field of ICT must have an additional two years of professional experience in the said subject. i.e. they require a total of 8 years of experience in this field. 

    Let us now discuss the relevant skills upon which the candidates are assessed:

    The candidates willing for an RPL assessment are required to submit two projects:

    • One, stating the projects undertaken by them in the last five years.
    • Second, stating the projects undertaken by them in the last three years. 

    The candidates are assessed in the following ways:

    • The technique applied by the students in managing the files and the database design. 
    • The design crafted by the candidates to ensure proper follow of techniques.
    • The effectiveness of the design crafted by the candidate in the projects undertaken.
    • The procedures followed by the candidates in designing a programming language.
    • The evaluation of the results obtained by the students by implementing their said design.

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