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What Is Recognition of Prior Learning?

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    Recognition of prior learning is a process started by the government of India for people to acquire certification for the skills they may have learnt in their experience of life. This certificate is for the skills for which the candidate may not have taken any academic qualification. However, they can take a part in the RPL program and get certified for their various skills. This will help them to get employment easily and they can work better.

    For instance, any mechanic who has experience in mending cars can get a certificate equivalent to diploma which will help them to get a job in the larger companies. This way the fate of many uneducated but experienced people gets improved. The main crux of the matter is that these participants in the government program are required to write an RPL report. This report involves good writing skills which a skilled but otherwise uneducated person may not have. This is where help for RPL report writing comes into the picture.

    There are many companies that provide help professionally for writing RPL reports. Such companies also provide CDR report help for the engineers who want to immigrate to Australia. The process for RPL was started when the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship started the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna in 2015 and it was further extended in the year 2016.

    Why RPL needed?

    A large section of the unorganized workforce in the country are semi skilled. They usually pick up knowledge from informal sources by observing others or working under their guidance and gain knowledge by self learning. In this case they may manage to get a job they are usually underpaid and do not get the chance to enhance their skills and knowledge. This in turn affects the quality of their output and also productivity.

    Such people need training programs which enable them to enhance their skills and upskill themselves. This is where recognition of prior learning helps them to get assessed and certified within their present competencies according to the NSQF levels. With the help of RPL they are able to get a path to bridge their current knowledge and skill levels to attain a competency level which helps them to go for higher skills for professional growth.

    As mentioned as part of the this skill enhancement program they need to write a report, the companies that help them to write the report also provide reports for CDR engineers Australia. According to the target set by the Indian government, they wanted to provide skill based training  to one crore people between the years 2016 and 2020. They also aimed at providing certification to 40 lakh candidates whose prior skills and experience would be assessed and they would be provided certificates. The government has more or less achieved this goal.

    Benefits for the workforce

    The RPL assessment and certification program is very beneficial for the work force. The candidates will be able to get aligned with the National Skills Qualification Framework or NSQF. They will hence get better opportunities for higher education. For instance the mechanic mentioned above can study further to become an engineer and once he or she becomes an engineer they can immigrate to Australia which is a developed country. They will have to provide a CDR report and for this they can get CDR report help, from professionals. These professionals are employed by the companies that provide in writing report like RPL report and CDR for Australia. Apart from creating a good equilibrium this scheme also helps them to explore different options in skill gathering to bridge the gap between skill and knowledge

    Benefits for the industry

    If the workforce gets certified under RPL then the industry gets two main advantages. The first is that they will get formally recognized skills levels which are mapped with QPs and job roles. The second benefit is that this scheme opens up direction for workers to upskill themselves and grow through short term courses providing training and bridging.

    RPL assesses the knowledge that the candidate already has and certifies them in the unregulated sector mainly. The objective of the RPL scheme are:

    Aligning the competency of the unregulated workforce of the country with the NSQF

    This scheme enhances the chances of employment of individuals and provides them with better options for higher education

    Reduces the disparity between the importance given to formally educated and skilled but not formally educated workforce

    The RPL is implemented in 3 types of projects – RPL camps, RPL centers and the premises of the employers. The first step in this area is to mobilise the candidates and here the help of a mobilizing agency such as an NGO or training partner will help in mobilization of the candidates or the employer can handle it directly. There are prescribed guidelines for the different implementation modalities and the stakeholders involved for each type of project.

    Counseling or pre-screening

    The training partners are engaged as facilitators and they will conduct the counseling and pre-screening of the participants. Only certified trainers are approved to participate. The counseling is aimed at explaining to the candidates, what is PMKY, what is RPL how a skill certification will help the candidates to transform their lives.

    There are also videos shown to the participants and the pre-screening of the candidates is done after the counseling session. AS mentioned above the RPL program can allow any semi-skilled mechanic to become an engineer by further education and these engineers can go to Australia. While applying for immigration they need to provide a CDR report and for this, they can get CDR writing services to help them. Even the participants of the RPL program are required to write an RPL report and there is professional help available for that also.

    The next step after counseling is orientation and the selected candidates have to undergo orientation in which they are introduced to minimum of 3 hours of domain training, minimum 2 hours of soft skills and entrepreneurship tips that are specific to their job role. Minimum one hour for familiarizing to the assessment terms and process. When required bridge courses or training kits specific to the job are provided to the candidates.

    Some assessment agencies are identified and they conduct the final assessment of the candidates. The agencies grade the candidates according to the NSQF to make sure of the competency level of the candidate in every job role. On completing the assessment the candidates are given grades based on their performance which is either pass grade or fail grade. There are three levels in the passing grade – A, B, C. these results are uploaded within two days of the completion of assessment and at the end of the final assessment, the candidates have to fill out a feedback form that is stored for a minimum of two years. Some CDR engineers Australia are a result of this program of RPL.

    The candidates are informed of their grades and told where to collect their mark sheets and certificates within 5 days of the completion of the assessments. The candidates who have got pass grades are only given the certificates. The ones who have failed can opt for the second session of training. The candidates who have passed are given along with a certificate and mark sheets an amount of 500 rupees cash. Here you need to understand that the candidates need to have an aadhaar card or other ids in order to participate in the RPL program.

    Once the certificates and mark sheets are given to the candidates they are made aware of the opportunities available to upskill themselves and the candidates who are failed are briefed on new training opportunities for them. The rupees 500 is also given only to the candidates who have passed and have a bank account. This is why in order to appear in the RPL program you need to have a bank account as well.

    This system of upskilling and re-skilling the unorganized workforce of the country is a great boon for both the workers and the employers. The workers get an opportunity to enhance their lives by getting better jobs or better payout in the current jobs. On the other hand, employers are able to get better results in the work of their employees because they are well skilled and trained for jobs. If you wish to learn more about the recognition of prior learning programs started by the government then the best thing to do is search online. There are many websites, articles, and blogs which explain the entire system of RPL both to the candidates as well as their employers.

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