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What is National Engineer Register

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    The National Engineering Register (NER) is a register containing the list of engineers who have met the highest standards of professionalism in this industry.

    It is a platform where talented employees can be connected with the various opportunities in the industry.

    How this register can be beneficial to engineers?

    Through this report, engineers having immense talent in their field can get a chance to meet the various opportunities in the market. Hence, they will have a much better opportunity to grow in their careers. Thus, it is suggested to every engineer to register them in the National Engineering Register.

    The main reason behind this is:

    • The National Engineering Register is a platform of professional excellence in the engineering field.
    • You will get a chance to be known by the people who are seeking candidates with excellent talent. Once you are registered, your name would appear in the database of the register which can be easily accessed by the public.
    • You get a much better chance of disclosing your educational and professional qualifications.

    Engineers getting registered in this register are accepted as one of the most talented ones in this subject.

    Who is benefited by the National Engineering Register?

    Though available to the public, the register is used only by the employers of a company. There a lot of openings in big corporate. They look out for quality people to work for their organization. This register helps them in knowing the engineers who have excelled in their careers. 

    What are the eligibility criteria to get registered in the National Engineering Register?

    There is a guideline specifying the criteria under which the students can get themselves registered. These criteria are to be duly fulfilled by the students to get them registered. Such as:

    • The student must possess the required qualification.
    • The student must have a minimum required professional experience.
    • The students must accept and commit themselves to the required behavior.
    • The students must get themselves adequately insured under the PI insurance.

    The specific guidelines to be followed are:


    • To have adequate PI Insurance.
    • Should have the ability and a commitment to maintaining it.


    • Should have experience of working in a reputed organization for at least 5 years within a period of the last 7 years.
    • Meets all the terms and conditions of the continuous development statement. 
    • Proves the ability in meeting the terms of PI Insurance. 


    • Should meet all the criteria of the quality assessment test.
    • They should have the required professional experience in the field of engineering.

    The rest of the criteria are similar to those required by the members of the EA.

    There are other few registration criteria. These are:

    • If you are a member of the EA, you can complete the registration by just logging in the EA portal through their email id
    • If you are to be registered as a member of EA, you have to first sign-up, fill up a form and make the required payment.

    If you are willing to apply to get registered in the National Registration Register, you have to meet the below-mentioned requirements:


    Candidates must adequately describe the relevant work experience they have in the field of engineering. While specifying them work experience, keep the following things in mind:

    • Specify the name of the company in which you have worked.
    • Specify your date of joining and your date of leaving.
    • Specify the reasons behind leaving the said company.
    • Specify the projects on which you have worked in the said company.
    • Specify if any difficulties faced by you while working in the said company.


    The candidates have to specify the details of their CPD which they have undergone during the past 3 years. They have to specify that they have undergone the required training of 150 hours.

    The students are also required to undergo a practice of their CPD once in every five years.


    The candidates have to specify that they have met with all the requirements of the PI insurance. They must self-approve that they have committed to meet all the requirements of the PI Insurance.


    The candidates have to appear for a face to face interview. Their interviews are managed by the Engineers Australian committee. The interview is done either on a face-to-face basis or video conferencing or through Skype.

    Students have to be serious about their registration. A single mistake and their application may get rejected. Hence, it is very important to follow all of the required guidelines properly. Their registration may get canceled if:

    • Candidates fail to submit any document within the time allotted.
    • Candidates fail to meet any of the criteria of registration.

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