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Skilled Recognized Graduate Subclass 476 Visa

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    Australia is a country known for its culture, excellent wages and a high standard of living. This is the reason that Indian youngsters want to go and live in this country. This is especially true for engineering graduates who are especially welcomed by the country's government.

    This wish for engineering graduates to go to Australia can be fulfilled if they apply for skilled, recognized graduate subclass 476 visa. In order to apply for this visa, the engineering graduates have to submit a CDR report which is difficult to make. This is the reason that the engineering graduates take CDR report help from professional companies that write CDR reports. Most of the companies that write CDR report also help the various category students with their assignments.

    What is a skilled recognized graduate subclass 476 visa?

    This is a temporary visa according to which fresh engineering graduates and they can easily work in Australia, and it is possible for 18 months only. With this visa, the fresh engineers get the chance to work in Australia and also get a chance to live here permanently. The individuals are able for permanent residency. On the other hand, they can apply for a temporary visa also.

    Benefits of the visa

    With a skilled, recognized graduate subclass 476 visa, the engineers can study in Austria, and they can do the work also in the mentioned place. They get 18 months for doing the study and job in the place. As long as the visa is valid, you can visit Australia frequently. With the help of this visa, you can meet the criteria for permanent residency in this country, and you may get this permanent residency easier than the effort it would take otherwise.

    Requirements to be met

    You should be 31 years old or younger than that in order to apply for this visa. You have to complete the process to get a degree from a good engineering institute in the given time. This visa is good for all the new engineers who have just graduated, and they have to show their recent engineering degree. You should not have applied for or hold a skilled, recognized visa or temporary graduate visa subclass 485. These two cases are alright if you have applied for them as a dependent family member. Hence if you were a dependent family member and applied for the skilled, recognized visa or temporary graduate visa subclass 485 then you can still apply for skilled, recognized graduate subclass 476 visa. You should meet the character and health requirements of Australia. Here you need to bear in mind that the CDR report is a necessity and it is advisable to take CDR report help if you do not want to take a risk with the visa application.

    Mandatory qualifications

    To get a visa, you must either have a master's degree or a diploma, whose recognition can be accepted and you can easily complete the procedure of the visa after providing the information of the qualification. This visa is especially meant for the professionals who wish to make a career for themselves in Australia. The subclass 476 visa is different from a skill recognized graduate visa. It can be applied by anyone with a given set of skills in the engineering field.

    The preferred streams of engineering

    • Chemical engineering
    • Mechanical, production and plant engineering
    • Structural engineering
    • Engineering from Environmental Branch
    • Graduation in Electrical Engineering & Engineering in electronics
    • Graduation with Engineering in Civil Branch
    • Graduation in Electronics Engineering & Engineering in Communication Branch
    • Engineering in Instrument & control
    • Graduation in Electrical Engineering Stream

    Eligible institutes

    An applicant must have a graduate degree in engineering from any of the recognized institutes. There was an agreement in Washington under which engineering qualification has been determined, in which you should be recognized by any good institution that is a recognized institution. Indian candidates should have got their engineering degree from any of the following institutes:

    • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
    • The Anna University For Engineering, Located in Chennai
    • Indian Institute of Science, Recognized institute, Located in Bangalore
    • Indian Institute of Technology, It is an ideal institute for students, Located in Kharagpur
    • Indian school of mines, Located in Dhanbad

    If you have obtained a good degree from any of the NBA's accredited institutions, you can apply for a visa, and you will not face any trouble. NBA is the National Board of Accreditation and is the authorized signatory of Washington Accord for India. The course and the institution offering it should be accredited by the NBA when the student graduates from it. That way they can go under 476 to apply for a temporary visa and be eligible for it. You can only stay in Australia for 18 months with this education, at the same time you will have to work there and study it will depend on you. You also have to pay a fee of AU d365 to complete the process, and it may take you at least four months to complete it.

    Why engineering students prefer to go to Australia

    America was once considered a land of dreams where every person wanted to live and wanted to go. As time changed, people perceived that giving there was less beneficial for them because of environmental changes in the United States.  Due to bad environment, almost the entire engineer thinks that he should go to Canada or New Zealand. In order to migrate, engineering graduates are high in demand in Australia, which is a developed country. This is the reason that more and more people from India are vying to go to Australia and settle there. However, you need to fulfil many criteria before you can apply for a permanent residency in this country. They are very strict with their rules and regulations, and you need to prove that you will be an asset to the country and not a burden on them.


    Language proficiency

    The applicant should have the best score in ILETS. Your overalls score must be six, and each subject must have at least five bands. The applicant should also clear OET with minimum B in each band

    TOEFL IBT is also accepted instead of IELTS, and the applicant receives four test components, each of which has a minimum test score set. It is mandatory to get a score of at least 64 in the test, and you need score of 4 bands for listening, and you need 4 band score to reading. On the other hand, you need a score of 14 to the speaking portion and also a score of 14 to writing.

    PTE - overall 50 with minimum 36 in each band

    Cambridge English - You have to get a total score of 169 at least. You have to get at least 154 scores in each test which is four in the amount. The Australian government considers it necessary that anyone applying for a temporary or permanent visa to their country should know the language of their country in order to survive there. The official language and the language spoken throughout Australia is English, and this is the reason that while applying for a skilled, recognized visa even a test of language proficiency is taken by the immigration department of Australia. Many other countries also have this requirement. Once again, there is the requirement of the CDR report, and in order to ensure that your CDR report is accepted by the Australian immigration authorities, it is advisable to take professional CDR report help.

    Health clearance

    The candidate needs to undergo a health examination before applying for the skilled, recognized visa under any subclass or category. This includes the health identifier, which is known as the HAP ID, and you should be able to produce this at the time of applying for the visa application form. Everyone who is included in the visa application form should meet the health requirements. The Australian government does not want ill people to be crowding the country, and you need to prove your fitness in order to get any kind of visa for the country. The country's government does not give a visa even for visiting once if the person has some serious ailments.

    Police clearance

    The candidate should be able to prove that he or she does not have a police record in the past ten years. If the candidate has lived in some other country other than India, then they should also have a police certificate from that country to prove that they don't have any criminal background. This is applicable from the time the candidate has turned 16 years of age. The original documents have to be submitted to the Australian immigration authorities, and they should keep copies with them. This kind of police clearance is necessary for everyone included in the application.

    Required documents

    All applicants who are more than 16 years of age should submit the completed documents under form 80.

    Documents to prove identity

    You should have an updated passport that is currently certified, and you should keep a copy of a passport what is needed.

    A person should give the recently clicked picture in the provided size such as passport size picture. You need at least two photographs to apply for the visa.

    The birth certificate is also important, and you need a real certificate's copy for the application procedure.

    Documents to prove educational qualifications

    Academic transcript of engineering qualification

    Letter of completion

    If you wish to take family members along then, you need to provide

    Certified copies of marriage certificate

    If your partner is not accompanying you then a statement explaining the reason and whether there are plans to join you later

    Certified copies of the birth certificate of the kids and their passports

    Health insurance

    If you are applying for a subclass 476 visa, then you should have proof that either you have Medicare card or have applied for health insurance through medicare. Either this or you should be able to prove that you have got health insurance in Australia. The country's government is very particular about health insurance, and this is the reason that without health insurance, they will not accept your visa application.

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