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NER Work Experiences statement for Australia

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    NER stands for National Engineering Register is the registration framework that is introduced by Engineers Australia. NER is known as the register of national engineers and refers to a registration framework known as the national engineering register. Introduced by the Engineers Australia, NER renders a badge of demonstrating professional recognition, professionalism, and public trust. In order to formulate a well-drawn paper, it is extremely important to get in touch with the NER Work Experiences statement for Australia to attain high-quality help and guidance. offers NER work experience statement assistance that benefits Engineers Australia. NER is commonly known as National Engineering Register in Australia and is beneficial for engineering membership in Australia with the help of EA assessment. The engineers need to write the WES statement in a chronological manner with the most recent and relevant experience. While the guidelines might confuse you, however with the help of NER Work Experiences statement for Australia assistance, you can avail fast and reliable help.

    Who are eligible to get registered to the NER?

    Here is an insight into the individuals who are eligible to get registered to the NER.

    • Members of Engineers Australia in an occupational role
    • Engineers Australia and chartered members in the occupational category
    • Non-EA members with relevant experience in the field of practice for a period of 5 years

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    Things to include for the positions held in the last seven years:

    • The title of the position that includes the start, the finish dates for each position
    • The name, location, and address of the employer
    • A brief description of the role and responsibilities in the situation that includes key achievements in the position

    Things to add in key achievements:

    Key achievements comprise of the engineering task which is worked by engineers that comprise of knowledge, skills, and abilities

    It includes the following:

    • Systems, projects, programs, and services that you have previously worked upon
    • Situations, opportunities, and problem that you have encountered
    • Quality improvements that you have sincerely contributed to

    Specialist skills and knowledge that you have used:

    • The outcomes that have been achieved
    • The actions that have been undertaken to address a situation which includes creativity, innovation
    • Extra duties are undertaken

    Professional reference details:

    You need to mention two professional references as Engineers Australia might require contacting them for clarifications and testing experience statements:


    • The references in NER (National Engineering Register) Australia need to have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of practice along with an engineering degree
    • The reference can be your mentor, anyone in the position of a supervisor, senior colleague, and engineering clients
    • The references should also have known you for a period of 12 months for a minimum
    • One referee needs to belong from the current workplace
    • Other referee may be from current workplace if you have been at the current place for a period of more than 5 years
    • If you have changed your place of work of late, another referee can be from a previous employer, a place where the primary constitution lies for you to work for a period of at least 5 years.
    • The referee can be from another scenario, however not merely a family member and friend.

    Notable points while writing the NER Work Experiences statement for Australia

    Here are a few points that must be noted while framing the NER Work Experiences statement for Australia.

    • The work experience statement needs to be written in a chronological order

    You need to state the experiences in the manner in which they took place. Start placing them in a manner in which they can be related well.

    • The relevant experiences that match the required skills need to be presented at the beginning

    Make sure that you place the relevant experiences at the top while placing the irrelevant ones at the bottom. This helps in highlighting the most essential experiences in the beginning and prioritizes them more.

    • The area of practice needs to be at least 5 years

    You need to have experience of a minimum of 5 years in the area you are applying at. Without stating an experience of 5 years, you simply cannot achieve the deemed result.

    • The achievement, the roles, and responsibility should be stated in an elaborative manner

    Whatever you have achieved professionally to date, ensure that you state them in an elaborate manner for the readers to read them well. By reading this section, they should have an understanding of your professional abilities.

    • The past positions can be mentioned in short if the work experiences are found to be quite lengthy

    If you have worked on an extensive work profile in the past, you can state them in short in order to avoid the statement to become a lengthy one.

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