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Migration Skill Assessment Booklet 2019 for Engineers Australia

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    There are a number of engineering aspirants who are always looking to migrate to Australia. But the process is not easy at all. Their skills need to match with the standards of work in Australia and this will thoroughly assessed by the authorities of Engineers Australia. Yes, they will check your skills with the use of the Migration Skill Assessment procedure. This process is conducted by the authorities of Engineers Australia as they ask the aspirants to prepare a report as per the given guidelines of the Migration Skill Assessment booklet. In this report, the aspirants will be showcasing their previous work experience and qualifications in a precise without missing on the guidelines. With this, the authorities check with your skills and according to your report, they decide whether you are good enough or not to work in Australia.

    If you are still confused about the existence of Migration Skill Assessment Booklet, then here we will help you understand how better they can prepare their report which can get it approved in the first attempt itself.

    MSA booklet: A Detailed Overview

    With MSA, the aspirants get a pathway to follow when it comes to preparation of the report. Yes, they need to make sure their skills and experience are described in the report exactly the way it has been mentioned in the Migration Skill Assessment booklet. But when it comes to the MSA process, there is not a count of qualifications you have and you will also not be able to use it for your employment needs in Australia. With Migration Skill Assessment, you will only be able to get a not for migrating to Australia. You will get the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet from Engineers Australia and after you need to fill the form as per the given instructions. But make sure that you go through the booklet thoroughly before getting filled as if it is not prepared accordingly, the chances of it getting rejected becomes a certainty.  In this booklet, you will get every single detail related to fee, learning, and steps to prepare explained precisely to make it easy for you to fill the report.

    When it comes to Engineers Australia Skill assessment booklet, it exclusively comprises of different sections, take a look:

    Section A – Here in this section you will be getting to know more about the procedure of skill assessment followed by the authorities of Engineers Australia. You will have a clear idea about the fares to requirements in detail with this section.

    Section B – With this, you will be able to understand more about the details of the pathway to follow in showcasing the skills in this procedure.

    Section C – Here in this section, you will be having a stepwise process of how you must prepare your CDR report which can help you avail the approval in the first attempt itself. It will help you with examples of different segments of the report making it easy for you to understand. This section will also help you with ANZSCO list of occupations where you can be selected for your employment needs in Australia.

    Section D – With the help of this section you will be able to understand more about the Additional Assessment services details in the form of Fast Track and Assessment of Ph.D. applications from overseas.

    Understanding The Different Components of CDR Report in the MSA Booklet

    1. Personal Information: This section is comprised of the documents which will be able to provide your personal information with much more clarity in the form of resume, Curriculum vitae, bio-data page of Passport, photograph and the evidence of English language competency.
    2. Application Information: In the section, you must include the information describing more about the occupation where you want to apply for as respective engineer and desire thorough assessment. But you must make sure that the desire occupation is as per the list of ANZSCO CODES.
    3. Education: Here the applications will be asked to provide their detailed educational data and that too with the evidence with the help of degree certificates, transcripts, enrolment certificates, and more which can help you prove your claims.
    4. Skilled Employment: In this section, you need to provide the employment evidence as per their career episodes. Yes, they need to explain their professional experience with reference letters from the companies they have worked with has their job title and the time they have to the company. With this, you also need to share the documents which completely supports your previous experience in the form of ITR documents.
    5. The CDR Report: When it comes to Migration Skill Assessment booklet, it helps you understand the format of the CDR report in detail. It is exclusively comprised of three different sections in the form of:

    Continuing Professional Development: Here in this section, you will be asked to share the evidence of how you have kept yourself updated with the latest trend in the respective field of education. So, you need to share all the details but it should be only of one page of A4 size.

    Career Episodes: When it comes to career episodes, here the applicant must showcase their engineering skills and know-how they have got in their respective employment period. They need to provide at least 3 career episodes which present the achievements they had in their engineering profession. Whatever be the projects you have undertaken and how it panned out, you must describe it here.

    Career episode is framed in a specific format, take a look:

    • Introduction: Here you will be describing about the details of the company and the time take for the respective career episode.
    • Background: You must elaborate more about the job role, the concept of the project and how it relates to the career episode.
    • Personal Engineering Activity: The result of the career episode indicating your performance and how difficult it was to deal with.


    Here in this section, we will get the summation of the described episode and the applicant's role in the respective episode.

    So, hopefully, you are clear about the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet, you can always connect with our experts to know more.

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