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How to Write a CV-Resume Writing: The Complete Guide

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    CV-Resume Writing

    Are you looking for a job or a job change?

    Finding it difficult to prepare a CV for it?

    Don't worry!

    We are here to help you with the best tips which can help you make your resume attractive and eye-catching.

    The CV must be prepared in such a way that your chance of selection is enhanced. The interviewer assesses both the content and the format of your CV.

    CV: A Brief Overview

    CV or curriculum vitae is a piece of writing used to demonstrate the skills and knowledge of the candidate applying for the concerned job. 

    You can follow the below-mentioned tips while working on your CV:

    Content Which Makes Impact:

    The main aim of preparing curriculum vitae is to show the interviewer the skills and knowledge you possess. Based on this information, the interviewer will judge whether you are eligible to be selected for the desired profile or not 

    A CV contains the following information about the candidate:

    • Personal details.
    • Academic certification details.
    • Non-academy certifications.

    Each part of your CV is drafted to prove your skills and knowledge in the relevant field.

    Thus, you need to ensure that none of the content is false or misleading.

    Writing your resume persuasively:

    Write the entire content of your resume in a persuasive manner. Think how? Read along:

    For example, you have worked on a project during your academic or your professional life so, you can mention about it in a precise way.  Rather than giving the details of the project, you must mention how you were able to make it successful.

    Don't make your CV, a technical one. No one is interested in knowing the details of the projects in which you have worked. Rather everyone is interested to know how you were able to contribute to the respective project. 

    Adequate format:

    It is important that you prepare your CV professionally. For this, you need to apply an adequate format to your CV. You can even download a particular format for preparing a CV or get connected to a writing expert. Few guidelines that must be followed while preparing a CV is written down below:

    • Try to keep all the information in a pointwise format.
    • You can also make use of tables to present your information.
    • Give a separate heading for each of your details.

    Length of your CV:

    Do not make your CV a lengthy one. The interviewer does not have too much time to go through your entire resume. The resume must be prepared in such a way that anyone can go through it in one glance.

    Do not include any information which is relevant to the interviewer. This will unnecessarily increase the length of your CV which is not at all appreciated.

    Let us now discuss a few of the common questions asked by the students.

    How can you make your resume attractive?

    A CV can be prepared attractively only when it satisfies the following two conditions:

    • The required qualification and experience are present.
    • The skills of the candidate is specified in a proper manner.

    Thus, candidates preparing his or her CV must keep this in mind to present their information appropriately.

    Why a CV does get rejected?

    A CV may get rejected due to number of reasons. Few of the reasons are stated below:

    • The information present in your CV is false or misleading.
    • The candidate does not possess the required qualification as per the job profile.
    • The information present in your CV is incomplete.
    • There are lot many mistakes in the content of a CV in the form of grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes or spelling mistakes.

    What must be the font for the content of your CV?

    Do not use any font that gives your resume a funky look. The font to be used in your CV must be either “Times New Roman” or “Times” and the font size as 12.

    The font of your resume is very important. It makes your resume much more attractive and presentable to the recruiter. However, do not decorate it like a Christmas tree. No one appreciates a resume if it has a very casual look. Try to keep the content as simple as possible.

    If you are still having issues in drafting your resume you can always get connected a reliable writing service provider as they will guide you through it.

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