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How to prepare your best CDR Report?

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    Planning to make a CDR report?

    Have any idea, how to prepare it?

    Don’t worry!

    This blog is all about how to prepare your CDR report.

    Let us first understand what a CDR report is:

    A CDR is prepared by the students seeking to pursue a career in engineering in Australia. 

    The Assessing Committee uses this report to evaluate the potential of these students concerning their job applications.

    How important a CDR is?

    Students prepare CDR to get them employed in renowned companies in Australia. Thus, a student needs to prepare its report seriously.

    Students work very hard to score good marks in their exams. They develop abilities in themselves to get selected by esteemed companies. A CDR is as important as their academic studies.

    How to prepare a CDR?

    Preparing a CDR is quite tough. It has to be prepared as per the requires format. Students willing to prepare their CDR must follow the guidelines behind preparing it.

    Let us now discuss the various ways of preparing an attractive CDR:


    Students are perused in any one of the careers in engineering. For every career, there is a separate form available online. Make sure that you choose the correct form as per your required career.


    The CDR is to be prepared as per the guidelines of the committee. Before preparing a CDR, it is advisable to study all the guidelines behind preparing it. This will help you out in knowing the nitty-gritty behind preparing it.

    The guidelines are well explained. Students are required to fill up every part of the report as per the rules mentioned. Many of the CDR gets rejected just because they were not prepared as per the appropriate guidelines mentioned.


    The content of your CDR must be very attractive. Your entire assessment will depend upon the content of your CDR. Hence, it is very important to make your CDR creative and attractive.

    There are specified rules behind writing the content of your CDR. These rules are mentioned below:

    For your academic qualification

    • Mention the degrees you have attained in your engineering career.
    • Specify the name of the institute from where you have passed your graduation.
    • Mention the additional certificates you have attained in your academic life.
    • Specify any project you have independently worked upon.

    For your professional experience 

    • Specify the name of the company for which you have worked as an engineer. 
    • Specify the profile that you are given to handle. 
    • Specify the projects in which you have worked in your company. 
    • Specify the problems that you have encountered during your professional life. 
    • Specify in detail how you managed to overcome the difficulties faced by you. 

    Keep in mind to write down all the information in a pointwise format. Try to keep the entire content within 1000-1500 words.


    The summary report is a part of your CDR. The main motive behind preparing it is to help the readers study your entire report at one glance. Try to keep this part of your report as brief as possible. Generally, the entire summary report must not be more than one-third of your entire CDR.

    Try to keep all the information in your report in a point-wise format. Make sure that you have included all the important points in your report. Do not include any information that is irrelevant to the selection committee. This will make your report unnecessarily long. The readers might lose interest in reading your report.


    It is very important to add an attractive format to your report. The format of your report must be such that it attracts the readers in going through your entire report. While adding a format to your report, keep the following things in mind:

    • Write down the entire content using the font “Times New Roman” or “Times”. These two are the generally accepted font for writing professional content.
    • Keep the font size as 12.
    • Give appropriate headings to your content.
    • Mark all the headings as bold.
    • If you are to add a piece of important information in your report, try to add it in a separate paragraph.


    If you are preparing your report for the first time, it would be wise if you go through other CDR report first. This will help you in making a judgment behind preparing your report. You can learn the various skills in making your report creative and attractive.


    You can take the help of an expert in preparing your CDR. You can get the help of an expert in making your CDR. They can help you out in preparing a much better CDR. You can have an enhanced opportunity of getting selected in your dream company.

    Thus, these are the above-mentioned points that students can follow to prepare an attractive and creative CDR.

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