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How to Apply for Skill Assessment?

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    There are lots of skills assessing authorities that can issue the skill assessments to the candidates. Such authorities are organizations that assess your skills to evaluate whether those are eligible for the post you have applied to work for. With the help of CDR for Australia immigration, the skill assessing authorities perform. Usually, the skill assessing authorities have divided the occupation list into four categories and the skilled occupations are categorized under these lists. These occupations in each list have their selected skill assessing authorities. It is the duty of the candidates to contact the particular skill assessing authority and go for a skill assessment test. With CDR report help, you can get through the assessment test easily. All these assessment authorities have their secluded procedure, charges, and timeframes.

    Now, what is the importance of skill assessment? Why consult CDR writing services to get help in skill assessment tests? Actually, if you are willing to go to any foreign country for a job, it is very important to have skill assessment as that would clarify your appeal for particular visas. What you need to do is to go through the entire information, required for the visa you are applying for. This will help you to know what kind of skill assessment you need to go through to get certain types of visas.

    Types of Visas Where You Need to Apply for Skill Assessment

    If you are going to a foreign land, you can check out the norms of CDR Engineers Australia which are also required for skill assessment. If you are applying for the following visas or streams, skill assessment is required-

    1. General Skilled Migration Visas

    If you want this particular visa, you need to go for a skill assessment where you need to provide the evidence of passing the skill assessment test to get the visa. There is also a validity period of skill assessment. Now, the validity period is calculated by the following methods-

    • If there is a validity period is shown on the skill assessment, the assessment is valid for 3 years.
    • If the validity is restricted less than 3 years, the assessment is valid for the period, mentioned in the assessment.
    • If the validity is more than 3 years, the assessment is valid for more than 3 years.
    1. Employer-Sponsored Visa

    If you apply under the Labour Agreement Stream or the Temporary Residence Transition Stream, skill assessment is not required during the time of application. But, when you want to apply under the Direct Entry Stream, you will require skill assessment. Here, you need to make sure that the assessing authority assesses your skill before you apply for a particular visa. There are certain skill assessment authorities where there is an expiry date. If it is provided after the expiry date, it will no longer be valid.

    1. Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

    Applicants of TSS Visa must-have skill assessment as one of the crucial parts while applying for a visa. When submitting your visa application, there are certain following steps to follow-

    • Go for mandatory skill assessment and also know whether you are eligible for an exemption
    • Go for a completed skill assessment that will continue for a three year period before submitting your application for a visa.
    • You can avoid processing delays by including skill assessment reference number
    • You also need to provide proof of any exemption for which you are eligible

    While applying for any visa, the skill assessment authority will ask for skill assessment in writing which will make your way of getting your desired visa smooth.

    What Are the Essential Documents Required for Skill Assessment?

    So far, you get to know how skill assessment is necessary for applying certain types of visas. Now, while going for skill assessment, you will also need to submit certain types of documents. While submitting the important documents, you need to make sure that all the documents are the high-quality copy of the originals. Here, you also need to remember that if your documents are not in English, you need to submit the original documents along with the English translations which are done by a registered translation service. Now, let’s have a look at the types of documents you need to submit for skill assessment-

    1. Application fee
    2. Proof of identity
    3. Photograph
    4. Evidence of qualification
    5. Change of name
    6. Resume
    7. Evidence of employment

    What Are the Payment Option for Skill Assessment?

    You can pay the application fee online or by post or in person. You should know that the skill assessment authorities won’t accept any kind of cash payment. What are the best methods for making payments? Have a look-

    1. Online Payment

    You can make an online payment by MasterCard or Visa. Once you submit your application online, you can pay your payments online.

    1. Make Payment through Mail

    This is another effective method of making payments. You can pick any of the following processes to make payment through the mail-

    • Credit Card, like MasterCard or Visa, is an effective method. If you want to pay through credit card by post, you have to download Credit Card Authorization Form and post it along with your application.
    • You can also send checks to make overseas payments. Make sure you pay bank checks or drafts that can be converted from the particular bank.

    How to Apply for Skill Assessment?

    There are certain important things you need to remember for applying skill assessments, like-

    • Each applicant should go through the guidelines of skill assessment and make sure he/she is ready with all kinds of documents that are required.
    • Candidates should always upload files in PDF format.
    • You need to make sure that the name and the spelling of it are used on the assessment document is the same that is mentioned on your passport.

    Tips to Prepare Your Documents

    To prepare your documents for skill assessment, you can follow the following steps-

    • Turn the pages of all your documents into PDF file and make sure you include the details of your qualification and employment details.
    • There is no requirement for certification of the documents. You need to remember that each document should be a high-quality color-scanned.
    • Before submitting, you need to make sure that your PDF file is not for reading only or encrypted.
    • Once you get the online application form, you need to upload all your documents in PDF files.

    How to Complete Your Application

    Once you get the online application form, it is time to fill it up appropriately. There are also certain steps you need to follow-

    • Check out the form carefully and understand each section. After that, you need to fill the section with essential information. Revise it well and move to the next section. Once the entire thing is done, check out the entire form carefully.
    • There are certain mandatory fields that are marked with an asterisk. You have to fill up those fields, so you need to be very careful.
    • You will find DD/MM/YYYY format for dates and you can choose the necessary date from the drop-down menu.

    How to Get a Skill Assessment

    The first step of getting a skill assessment is to contact the pertinent skill assessing authority. Here, you need to check which skill assessing authority is the perfect one for your nominated occupation from the list before applying for a visa.

    The assessing authorities have a separate procedure, charges, and time limit. The assessing authority will assess your educational qualification and also your experience and this entire procedure takes a certain time which is different from one to another.

    Finally, the authority will provide a scanned copy of the skill assessment along with your visa application. Here, you have to get a positive result from skill assessment authority. if not, then you can’t apply for a skilled migration visa.

    Do You Need the IELT Score for Skill Assessment?

    There are different types of documents are required for skill assessments, like identity proof, proof of educational qualification, evidence of work experience, photographs, age proof, and so on. But, you don’t need to provide an IELTS score as an important document to skill assessing authority. Actually, IELTS score is important to prove your proficiency in English. But, during skill assessment, you can apply for a low-skilled job in foreign countries where knowing the English language may not be mandatory. So, this document is not necessary.

    So, here you get thorough documentation of applying for skill assessment. Hopefully, you get all your answers regarding skill assessment and your confusion is cleared. Once you follow this process, you can get a skill assessment and also you can get your visa smoothly. For skill assessment, you can take professional help who will serve you the best to get a greater score by the skill assessing authorities. If this is the first time you are going for skill assessment, go through the rules and regulations thoroughly and perform each step minutely so that your application doesn’t get rejected.

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