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How do you write CDR in Australia?

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    Every year thousands of students apply for a job in the field of engineering in Australia.

    To get selected, they have to prepare a CDR report and share all the information as per the given guidelines.

    The CDR report is assessed by Engineers Australia. The authorities will to check the skills of the applicants. 

    Have you ever prepared a CDR report?

    Even if it is the first time, you are not required to worry about it.

    Writing a CDR is a little bit tricky. It is prepared as per the specific guidelines mentioned by the authorities in EA. Any mistake in a CDR may result in it getting rejected.

    Therefore, it is very important to understand the basic guidelines before preparing your CDR. You are required to keep the following tips in mind while writing your CDR:

    • Present your educational and work experience in a chronological manner.
    • The information in your CV attached must not exceed more than three pages.
    • While mentioning the details of your work experience, include the organization details along with the duration of your employment.
    • For each organization you have worked for, mention your job title and also your responsibilities.
    • Don't make your career episode too lengthy. Try to keep your entire content within 1000-2500 words. 
    • The career episode must be written in the format of an essay rather than as a table. 
    • A single summary report must be prepared for all the career episodes mentioned in your CDR.
    • Mention your CPD in a list format. Try to keep your content within one page.

    How to write your CPD content?

    CPD or Continuous Professional Development is written to prove that you have kept yourself updated with all the latest developments in the field of engineering after the completion of your undergraduate study.

    While writing the CPD in your report, keep in mind the following points:

    • Draft the entire content in a pointwise format.
    • If you have pursued your post-graduation studies as a distance course, you are required to mention it in your report.
    • Include the details of all the conferences attended by you during your post-graduation.
    • State all the additional courses and seminars attended by you.
    • Specify the name of the books, journals or articles you have referred to gain additional knowledge upon the subject.

    How to describe a summary statement in your report?

    The motive behind writing a summary statement is to allow the assessing committee to go through your skills in a single glance. Thus, you are required to summarize all the information in your statement.

    While writing the summary statement, keep in mind the following points:

    • Information in your report must be present in a pointwise format. 
    • Generally, the length of your summary statement must not exceed one-third of your total CDR report.
    • The information mentioned in your statement must be true and fair.
    • None of the information must be skipped while writing your statement.
    • Do not include any information which is irrelevant to the committee.

    How to write a career episode in your report?

    This is one of the most important parts of your report. The main motive of writing a career episode is to portray your skills in working as a professional engineer, engineering technologist or an engineering master. While writing the career episode, you need to keep in mind the following points:

    • Do not make it too technical. 
    • Your entire content must be written within 1000-2500 words.
    • It must be written in such a way that it highlights what you have done in your career as an individual.
    • Each paragraph of your career episode must be numbered properly. 

    Documents to be submitted for assessment with your CDR:

    You are also required to submit the following documents along with your CDR. 

    • The certificates you have obtained during your academic degree.
    • An updated resume
    • Professional registration certificate
    • Evidence of employment mentioned in your career episode.

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