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How Do I Write A Career Episode For Engineers Australia?

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    A career episode in your CDR is written to portray your growth in the field of engineering. It mentions your experience in this field from all the aspects.

    The career episode is one of the most important parts of your CDR. The main objective behind writing a CDR is to get selected by the assessing committee to pursue a career in engineering in Australia.

    Before discussing the tips in writing a career episode, let us first discuss what a CDR is?

    A CDR is a report prepared by the candidates to get their skills assessed by the assessing committee. The assessment is done on the basis of your educational and professional experience in the field of engineering.

    A CDR is to be written as per the prescribed guidelines. A CDR may get rejected in case any of the guidelines are not followed.

    Looking forward to writing a career episode in your report?

    Well, we can give you a few tips to be followed while writing a career episode in your CDR report.

    • Have the EA list of competencies in front of you while deciding upon the content of your career episode. You may have applied for a number of competencies in your career. You have to include all their details. However, each of your information must be supported by relevant facts and evidence. Thus, do not include any information which is false or misleading.
    • Do not fill page after page in writing your career episode. The assessing committee does not have enough time to go through each detail present in your report. Try to wrap up your content within 1000-2500 words.
    • Do not use too many technical words in it. Concentrate more upon portraying your skills and contributions to the field of engineering.
    • The assessing committee will also judge your communication skills through your writing. Thus, concentrate upon the narratives used in your writing. Use correct Australian English while writing the content of your career episode.
    • Keep the main motive behind writing a career episode in your mind. Thus, you are to present your acquired knowledge and skills in your engineering career. While writing this part, try to use the words “I planned”, “l managed” in your report.
    • Do not use any table, graph or calculation in your report. This will make it appear too technical. This will make your report look more unattractive.
    • While describing the issued solved by you during your career, give details of the technique applied by you in solving it.
    • You may include more than one career episode in your report. Each of your career episodes must be divided into the prescribed subheadings i.e. introduction, background, engineering activity, and summary.
    • Try to write your introduction within 100 words. Mention the phase of the career episode in which it happened. Mention all the relevant details such as the pursuing date, organization name and the profile in which you have worked.
    • Try to write the background in about 200-500 words. Mention the complete details of your project undergone along with the area of your work.
    • While presenting the details of your professional experience, also include the name of your organization, the profile of your work and the projects underwent.
    • Try to write your engineering activity within 500-1000 words. Discuss the problems faced by you during your engineering career. Also, mention how you were able to apply your skills and knowledge in dealing and solving the said problems.
    • If you have worked on a project in a group, mention how you were able to contribute towards achieving the goals of your group.
    • Make a summary of each of your career episodes. Summarize all the important mentioned in your career report.

    Thus, these are a few tips you need to follow while writing your career episode.

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