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Happy New Year or Happy CDR Report Year?

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    New Year marks the beginning of a new chapter in everyone’s lives. It’s a time for merrymaking, celebrations and coming together with friends and family. The church and other religious places also celebrate this occasion with great happiness and passion. Children, as well as adults, have a great time celebrating this festive time. 


    Throughout the world, New Year is celebrated with music, dance and the likes. People of the world hope that it turns out to be a beautiful new year. People exchange gifts and engage themselves in a lot of merry-making. People also decorate their houses with colorful lights and other different kinds of decorations. It’s a special day and people enjoy it by purchasing new clothes and celebrating the New Year with their near and dear ones. In many family gatherings, the New Year is celebrated with great zeal and people bake cakes on this occasion.


    During New Year’s Eve, all the markets are crowded with people who are busy buying things for their loved ones. People are busy celebrating and partying with friends and family. The day before New Year people love to engage in various celebrations and also fireworks are observed at the stroke of midnight. The New Year brings old friends together. 


    Preparing a CDR report at the time of the New Year is not an easy task. Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a technical document that helps in demonstrating an engineer’s skills and knowledge. This document has to be submitted to Engineers Australia for the skills assessment process. It’s the backbone of a student's Australian Skilled Migration application.


    CDR needs lots of time, concentration and sincerity. CDR needs to be prepared in a very convincing manner else it could lead to rejection. While preparing a CDR Report, a student should make sure that they are using the right word at the right place.


    Once they decide to prepare their CDR then they should keep their mind free and stable as it’s necessary to prepare the report as much attractive as possible and without any mistake.


    There are a few guidelines given by Engineers Australia which should be followed while preparing this report. Before one starts to prepare the report, the student should know the requirements. They should understand the guidelines given by EA.


    Some are as follows;


    1. The report is the full summary of the student’s education and experience. It should be written in chronological order.


    2. For each job, one should mention the job location, duration dates, job titles and their responsibilities at that particular job.


    3. Career episodes must be written in Standard English and each narration should contain around 1000-2500 words.


    4. Number each career episode in such a manner like;

    Career episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3…)

    Career episode 2 (paragraphs 2.1, 2.2, 2.3…)


    5. Career episodes shouldn’t be in a stable manner. It must be in a descriptive format.


    6. One must make sure that they have addressed all the engineers in Australia.


    Steps of preparing a CDR report


    1.   Introduction: The introduction part shouldn’t be more than 100-120 words. The student should make sure that it contains the name of an organization, work duration of every job with dates, chronology, location, the title of the job position as well.


    2.   Proper background: The length of this part should be around 200-500 words. It must contain where the candidate has been working and has undergone their studies. 


    3.   Engineering activities: This is the main part of a CDR report. This part must be described within 900-1000 words. This part must also contain how the candidates have applied their skills and knowledge, how they worked with their team members, tasks performed, what kind of technical problems they resolved, etc.


    4.   Include creative design work: In this part, students should mention if they have any specific skills which are worth mentioning. The better they mention and explain it, the more benefit they can obtain from it in the future.


    5.   Technical difficulties the student has solved: Mention the project detail they were involved in and their contribution to that project. Here they should mention at least three project difficulties they were involved with and the step they took to solve that problem.

    They must include the duties and responsibilities of their job, and their team members whoever were involved to solve the problem.

    Students should make sure that they have included technical detail information such as schedule, assigning of tasks, setting the deadline for each of the tasks.


    6.   Continuing Professional Development (CDP) report: The candidates should make sure that they have kept themselves up-to-date with all the developments in their field. CDP writing shouldn’t be more than one A4 page.


    7.   Summary: This summary part should be included as the first part of the report. It’s sort of what one has written. This sums up the majority of the student's impressions. The length of this section shouldn’t be more than 100 words. It should give an overview of the overall but should focus more on how they can conclude the technical representations.


    8.   The final verdict: Students should make sure that they have mentioned everything properly. Fake details could lead to rejection.


    If one finds any plagiarism, then the student will face rejection.


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