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Engineers Looking to Migrate to Australia Should Know About CDR Writing

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    The Competency Development Report (CDR) is a report that shares a professional experience, skills and growth initiatives of an engineer. If you are not Austrian citizen and you want to work as an engineer in Australia, you need to have it reported to pass Migration Skills assessment.         

    Therefore, CDR plays a vital role of your Australian Skills Migration application. The CDR gives you an opportunity to show your engineering experience, skills, knowledge and hold of English language.

    As an engineer if you want to grow your career in Australia, must prepare CDR which follows all the format and guided specifications suggested by Engineers Australia. The guidelines are designed by the Engineers Australia Association. This Association takes care of selection of applicants who want work in Australia as an engineer.

    Some CDR specifications are as follows:

    • Form of CDR application
    • A copy of your CDR signed by yourself, attested.
    • Scanned copies of your qualification’s certificates
    • A copy of your resume
    • Your test results of English language
    • A summary of your skills and knowledge, abilities as well

    Others are requirements aree.g. passport, academic certificates in English language if not others.

    Why it is Important?

    Every year large number of engineers applies to work in Australia since education is less expensive in comparison to US and UK.

    The CDR is your key to work in Australia as an engineer. The CDR shows your engineering competencies and adroitness. The CDR is a very important document which can get you the opportunities to work in Australia as an engineer.

    There is an authority which assess your CDR. This authority can give you a ticket to work as an engineer in Australia, Your CDR is rated by Engineering Authorities (EA) on the basis your suitability to work in applied position of an engineer in Australia.

    There is also an eligibility criterion for applicants, which is not very hard or difficult. It is simply your undergraduate or post graduate degrees of any engineering field. That degree should be from a recognized institute with required marks.

    Before making your CDR you should know:

    • Requirements

    Engineering Authorities provides a booklet, in this booklet all the information is written for engineering applicants’ e.g.eligibility criteria and specifications.

    EA can also revise the written information. The authority can make changes in guidelines.

    • The designation by applied by you

    Making your CDR you should focus on relevant information that could help in Engineering Authorities to understand that you are eligible to work in Australia as an engineer.Basically, EA decides that you are eligible for the applied role or not. So be very clear with the role you are applying for.

    • Professional Development

    This is basically a list of things you have done after your graduation or post-graduation in your field as an engineer.

    This list usually consists

    • Study details
    • Books you have read in this field
    • Work you have done in engineering field
    • Courses and seminars, you attended

    Major components of a CDR

    • Continuous professional development
    • Career episodes
    • Summary

    How to do it?

    A good CDR can increase your chances to work in Australia or get you rejected. So,make sure your CDR is made in a format and specifications which followall the guidelines given by EA.

    The pattern for the CDR:

    • A resume that which includes all your experience in engineering field in chronological order with employers’ names as well. This all information must be written in less than three pages.
    • The Continuing Professional Development must be written on a single page.
    • For career episodes, there must be total three episodes. Each episode must also not exceed 2500 words. It can be 1000-2400 wordsIn career episodes, paragraphs should be named e.g. 1.1,1.2,1.3according to number of episodes.
    • Numbering paragraph is important because by naming you avoid chances of cross referencing.
    • All information should be written in English language
    • Career episodes should be paragraphs format not table format.
    • A CPD (Continuing Professional Development) should be in table format
    • And last, summary should cover all your career episodes written

    Thus, by following these few guidelines and steps you can get the chances of working in Australia as an engineer.

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    Our platform gives you the best CDR writing services. We focus on guidelines and all the specifications to be taken care so that your CDR report match all the standards suggested by EA (Engineering Authorities) of Australia.

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