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Engineers Australia Fast Track Assessment

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    Tired of waiting to get your CDR approved? 

    The process behind the Migration Skills Assessment is a bit lengthy. Engineers applying have to wait for a much longer period in order to get their report approved. 

    However, you can speed up your assessment process and get all your work done within 20 days. 

    What is the normal time required behind the approval of your assessment procedure?

    The process of assessment is quite lengthy. It takes a considerable amount of time to get the documents verified. The normal time required for assessment is mentioned down below:

    For Non-accredited qualification: It takes a minimum period of 9 weeks before the application is being assigned to the case officer. 

    For Accredited Qualification: It takes a minimum period of 7 weeks before the application is being assigned to the case officer.

    How to apply for a fast track assessment?

    In order to apply for a fast track procedure, you have to follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

    If you do not have any existing MSA application:

    Once you are done with applying online, you need to select the fast track option.

    If you have an existing MSA application:

    You can apply for a fast track assessment by filling out an online form.

    Let us discuss the online Migration Skill Assessment fast Track form:

    This form is available online. A candidate is required to visit the website and fill it up. While filling up the form, keep in mind to fill the entire columns marked as compulsory.

    In this form, you have to mention a few details. These details are:

    • Migration Skills Assessment Application Number: If you have already applied for a migration skills assessment, you will be assigned an application number. You are required to fill that number in this particular column.
    • Applicant’s Engineers Australia ID: You are required to fill up your applicant ID allotted to you by the Engineers Association Australia.
    • Applicant’s Full Name: You are required to mention your full name in this column. 
    • Payer’s Name: You are required to enter the name of the payer in this column.
    • Payer’s contact email address: Enter the complete address of the payer in this column. 
    • Additional Information: You are also required to submit any additional information you want to give in relation to your assessment. 

    Apart from the additional information, every other column is to be compulsorily filled by the applicant. Keep in mind, the information provided by you is correct. 

    After you are done with filling the form, tick on the box stating that you are ready to accept the terms and conditions of the Fast Track process. 

    After you are done filling the entire form, just click on submit.

    What are the terms and conditions needed to comply while opting for the fast track option?

    The candidates are required to comply with all the terms and conditions before submitting their application for the fast track process.

    These conditions are mentioned down below:

    • The candidates must have applied earlier for a fast track option while submitting an application for Migration Skills Assessment.
    • The fast track application is only for the primary applicants. Candidates opting for secondary assessment are not allowed to apply for the fast track process. 
    • While opting for the fast track application, you are required to pay a particular amount of fees. Once the fee is paid, the candidates cannot claim a refund for it. 
    • The candidates will be granted an application within 15 days from the date on which the fee is received by the assessing committee.
    • The time required under fast track applications varies from one application to another.

    Candidates are required to comply with all the above before they are to apply for a Fast Track Application. 

    Students applying for fast track migration assessment must also keep the following things in their mind:

    • Though the process is said to be completed within a period of 20 days, it may vary depending upon the number of applications received by the committee.
    • The fast track process will commence only when all the documents have been received by the committee. The delay in the number of days will arise in case there are any documents still left to be uploaded 

    In case candidates want to enquire upon their application status, they can contact the committee by sending a mail.

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