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Engineers Australia Assessment Validity

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    Looking to establish your engineering career in Australia? 

    If you are, you have to pass the skill assessment test first before applying for the visa.

    Every company follows certain rules in order to select an employee to work for their company. The recruiters test the candidates on the basis of their educational qualifications, professional experience and the skills they possess.

    Similarly, candidates applying for the profile of engineering in Australia are tested on the basis of their skills, qualifications, and professional experience. 

    This assessment is being done by Migration Skills Assessment Engineers Australia. Students can apply for migration-only when they are able to pass the assessment test. 

    Let us now to understand what an Assessment Letter is:

    After the candidate has passed the assessment result, they assisted with an assessment letter certifying that the candidate qualified for the applied test. 

    Generally, the assessment letter is valid forever for Engineers Australia. But, as per DIBP i.e., Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the assessment letter handed over to the candidate must not be more than three years old from the date of its application for migration. 

    In case your assessment letter dated back from the required period, you have to contact the Migration Skills Assessment for the renewal of your assessment letter. While getting your assessment letter updated, you have to return back your original letter with the payment required. 

    What are the means of receiving the migration letter?

    The means of receiving the migration is mentioned below:

    If you have applied for the migration directly, you would be sent the letter through the means of email.


    If you have applied for migration through any agent, the letter will be sent to your agent’s email id.

    In case you do not have an email-id, the letter would be sent to you through the means of ordinary or speed post. You will have to bear the expenses of the post. 

    What are the guidelines to be followed by the candidates applying for migration?

    Before applying for migration, the candidates should keep in mind the below-mentioned guidelines:

    • Every candidate must study the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet thoroughly.
    • The candidate must apply for the chosen assessment pathway.
    • The candidate must arrange all the required documents as per the chosen assessment pathway.
    • The candidate must thoroughly go through the applicant user guide. 

    After having collected all the documents required, the candidate must:

    • Create an account with Engineers Australia.
    • Sign-up and log-in to the site.

    Let us now discuss the criteria to be fulfilled by the candidates applying for migration:

    The candidate is required to choose the appropriate pathway on the basis of their qualifications and educational background. 

    But before that, the candidates have to satisfy one of the most important conditions that is,

    The candidate has all the required qualifications of his/her 12 years of schooling.


    The candidate has pursued a degree of a 2-year Advanced Diploma


    The candidate has pursued an associate degree from a recognized institution.

    After submitting the above-mentioned documents, the candidate is required to accept the below-mentioned criteria:

    • The qualification is accredited by Engineers Australia.
    • The candidate has to state whether his qualification is from a country which is a complete signatory to the:

    Washington Accord,


    Sydney Accord,


    Dublin Accord,


    Is not accredited or from a non-accord listed country.

    • The qualification obtained is either on the same date or afterward when the said country became a signatory to the relevant accord. 
    • The qualification obtained is listed in accordance with the signatory’s publishing listing.
    • That the candidate intends to be assessed in accordance with the degree possessed and the course applied. 

    The candidates must also keep the following things in mind:

    • They must make sure that they have applied for the correct assessment pathway. This will help them in saving the extra time spent while paying their fees 
    • Make sure that the documents you submit are all original.
    • It would amount to a breach of ethical behavior if any of the documents if found to be fake.
    • Make sure that the entire content of the report is written in your own words. The application may get rejected in case any plagiarism is found in your content.

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