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Engineers Australia Assessment Outcome Letter

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    It is noticed that every year, there is a large number of applicants that get rejected by the engineers of Australia while they prepare the CDR by themselves. The main reason behind it that they lack the knowledge of preparing an adequate CDR. Therefore, it is very important to follow proper CDR guidelines to get it improved by the engineers in Australia.

    There are a few documents that are required while getting your CDR approved by the engineers. These documents are mentioned as follows:

    1. CDR Application Form
    2. Self-Attested copy of Report
    3. Certified Copy of your academic documentation
    4. A copy of your curriculum vitae
    5. A list of continuing professional development
    6. Scores and Certificates of the International English Language Test
    7. 3 career episode reports
    8. Summary statement on your capabilities and competences

    In this blog, we will mention a few tips that one needs to follow while writing the CDR reports. These tips are mentioned below:

    1. Before starting to write a CDR report, one should keep in mind that they completely understand the main purpose of the report and read all the guidelines very carefully.
    2. Keep in mind that you have included all the details of you and your company. You can even skip over the extra details upon the company like the company’s history and market share. EA only wants to know the information about you and not about your company.
    3. The most important thing to be kept in your mind is that you write Australian English correctly and accurately.
    4. Start writing the Career Episode in the first person. Please try to write everything in ‘Active Speech'.
    5. Your writing must be in prescriptive style. You must make sure that your entire document fits into the Australian style.
    6. It is very important to choose the most appropriate and relevant topics for your Career Episodes. To do so, you should read the entire EA list of competencies. After that, you should choose your topic concerning the events you have applied in your career span.
    7. Make sure that you are capable to present all the pieces of evidence that can validate all your claims in your career episodes. 
    8. You must always try to write original content. Make sure that you do not include any plagiarized statements in your CDR content. Never copy any other CDR samples. You should use them only for your reference purposes.

    Engineers who are wanting to get themselves migrated to Australia, are required to be assessed by engineers Australia. This assessment is being done through the Competency Demonstration Report. Therefore, it is very important to prepare your CDR report very correctly and accurately. After all, it must be approved by the engineers of Australia.

    The main purpose of evaluating the CDR report is to get knowledge upon the following:

    1. Your complete knowledge of the technical factors of engineering. 
    2. All the process where you have applied your skills and knowledge in engineering
    3. How well competent you are in undergoing the engineering occupancy chosen by you. 

    The entire CDR report is being divided into three different sections:

    1. Continuing Professional Development

    The continuing professional development report shows how well capable you are in keeping yourself updated with all the latest technologies and inventions in engineering. It is wise if you include all the information about your CPD report in your CDR report. There are four principles of the CPD report. i.e., Personal Commitment, Obligation to Community, Value of Workplace and Technical Proficiency. The COD report must be prepared in the following manner:

    1. It must be prepared in a list format.
    2. It may also contain some formal and informal information undergone in the engineering field. 
    3. It must include a piece of detailed information upon the title, date, time, topic, period, location and other relevant details as required.
    4. It must not be of more than one page.
    5. It is not compulsory to attach a certificate of courses and events that you are currently involved in.
    1. Three Career Episodes

    Career Episode explains your educational qualifications and professional experience. Career Episode includes any project that you have undergone during your graduation or post-graduation studies. It contains the details of the project that you are currently undergoing during your current job. It includes research work done in your engineering field. It also states an engineering position that you are currently working on.

    1. A Summary Statement

    A summary statement is one of the most important and difficult parts of your CDR report. It requires a piece of detailed information that you have complied with all the information that is required for the nomination of the occupational category. Only one summary statement is required for all the episodes. 

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