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Do You Know Why Your CDR Report gets Rejected?

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    Planning to pursue a career in Australia? 

    Is your CDR getting rejected?

    Let us discuss a few of the reasons for your CDR getting rejected.

    But, before that let us what exactly is a CDR?

    A CDR is a report to be submitted to the Australian Authorities to pursue a career in Australia. The CDR contains all the important information required to assess your abilities in the field of engineering. It contains all the information regarding your educational qualifications and your experience in the field of engineering.

    Most of the engineers do not understand the proper reason for preparing a CDR. A CDR is as important as your academic marks and your work experience. Thus, students must be very careful while preparing a CDR for them.

    Format of a CDR:

    There is a pre-defined format of a CDR report. You can download it from the net. Study the guidelines required in filling it.

    If you are completely new in preparing your CDR, you can also take the help of companies providing online services. They can prepare your entire form. You may have a better chance of being selected through the form they prepare.

    Therefore, the aim of preparing a CDR report is to highlight your capabilities and achievements in the field of engineering.

    There are several reasons why a student fails in getting his CDR approved. These are being discussed below 

    Improper format:

    The CDR is to be written as per the given rules and guidelines. The entire CDR must be written in a list format. The size of the paper must be A4. While drafting the format of your CDR, keep the following points in mind.

    • The part of the CDR containing the career description must be written in a very lengthy manner.
    • Try to keep it within 1000-1500 words.
    • Draft a proper summary report as per the CDR
    • The summary report must be written within 100-200 words.

    The summary report has a different format for each different jobs related to engineering. Keep in mind, you download the correct report.

    Unattractive content:

    Being an engineer, it is but obvious that your content will be completely technical. But just imagine who would want to go through a report which has just the presence of your technical calculations and nothing else. Thus, it is very important to describe your career in a much more attractive way. You can include the following points.

    • The problem faced by you during your career life.
    • The measure was taken by you to solve those problems.
    • The results that you were able to achieve.

    This will make your content more attractive and creative.

    Irrelevant Explanation:

    Your CDR must not contain any information that is irrelevant to the reader. E.g., if you have been working with a group, only explain how you have been performing in the group. You are not required to explain the accomplishments of your group. Giving unnecessary information will lead the reader to misinterpret your report. It would be much better if you:

    • Write down all your achievements in points.
    • Write it down very briefly.
    • Write a separate paragraph for every different achievement of yours.
    • Keep the words simple and clear.
    • Mention your achievements in a chronological manner starting from the most recent one.

    Copy and Paste:

    There are many attractive reports regarding assessment available on the net.

    Should you copy that?

    After all, you have to write it upon yourself. Not about someone else. Therefore, a copy and paste from another site would be a simple waste of time. Thus, it is always advisable to write down every part of your content in your own words. Moreover, if you write it down in your own words, you will be able to give a must detailed and better explanation upon your career.

    Incorrect sentences:

    No matter how good your CDR is, no matter how well you have been trained as an engineer, your entire report becomes unattractive when it is full of silly mistakes. No one appreciates content full of unstructured sentences. Therefore, keep in mind:

    • No grammatical mistake is there in your content.
    • You have used all the punctuation marks appropriately.
    • There is no spelling mistake in your report.

    A properly structured content also depicts your skills in writing content. Therefore, keep in mind to check the sentence structures before finally submitting your report.

    A CDR becomes attractive when the readers can understand your content very quickly and easily. The assessment team usually does not have enough time to go through your entire content. Thus, try to explain everything in brief and points.

    Thus, these were the few above-mentioned points due to which your CDR may get rejected.

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