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Do Engineers Australia Verify Your CDR Projects For Skill Assessment?

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    Competency Demonstration Report is usually drafted by engineers who wished to acquire a skilled migration visa and make a career in Australia. This report is required by Engineers Australia. They use this report to evaluate the student's competency.

    CDR report provides exhaustive information about the candidate’s skills, academic qualification, personal, projects handled by him.

    Preparing CDR is quite difficult and rigorous as the assessment of the authority is done by Engineers Australia (EA).  A person cannot apply for the same again before eleven months, according to the rules and regulations.

    Engineers Australia is a recognized and certified team of senior engineers. The team members are highly experienced and have expansive knowledge in the field of engineering. They are aspiring administrator who takes charge of hiring the migrant engineers in Australia. Their approval is a must for a candidate to start his career as an engineer in Australia. They scrutinize the submitted CDR thoroughly and declares the result within few days.

    To prepare this report Engineers Australia gives some specific time limit within which students should submit their report. Failing in submitting within that given time may cause rejection of the application.

    CDR gives a candidate the opportunity to showcase his competencies to immigrate to Australia.

    There are some guidelines that the candidate has to follow while preparing this report. These guidelines are set by CDR Engineers Australia. There is a migration skill assessment (MSA) handbook published by EA. This booklet contains all information about the guidelines and process of CDR.

    It's better to understand the desired competency element and their definition as well as choose the correct occupational category and ANZSCO code (A skill based classification system ) to apply for.

    A candidate's CDR indicates his willingness of searching  a work opportunity in Australia. Thousands of students are applying for immigration, so EA chose only those who stand amongst all. They evaluate a candidate's capabilities and competence from the perspective of an engineer. EA verifies the projects and skills that the candidate claimed in his CDR. They do it to review the credibility that the candidate claims.

    For the immigration purpose, EA categorized the engineers in the following categories-

    Professional Engineer:

    They should be capable of handling engineering projects and programs as required. They must understand the costs, risks, and limitations of a project and be able to handle different tasks in a project.

    Here in this category, candidates who have completed four-year bachelor degree courses in engineering are eligible for applying immigration to Australia.

    Engineering Technologist:

    They are the specialist of a particular branch of engineering. They should be familiar with the current and emerging technologies related to their domain.

    Candidates having three years of Bachelor's degree/diploma in any Engineering Technology discipline can apply in this category.

    Engineering Associate:

    They are often known as “para-professionals”. They must be familiar with the detail aspects of operating plants and equipment safely. They should know the standards and codes of practice.

    Here in this category, candidates having a two-year diploma/ degree in any engineering discipline can apply.

    Engineering Manager:

    Here in this category, only those who have at least seven years of experience as a professional engineer and at least three years of experience at a manager level can apply.

    While preparing this report candidate should think wisely and choose the occupational category he wants to apply. He must back the application with the documents claiming that is a perfect choice.  This documentary includes the project they chose to mention in their report.

    Career episodes allow a candidate to showcasing his competencies to the assessor to understand him better as a professional and a person.

    The summary part gives the assessor a quick review of the candidate's competency that he claims in his career episodes. The continuing professional development section enables the assessor to understand the candidate's interest in that domain.

    This report should be draft in a disciplined and structured manner with no extra data, plagiarism. It must be error-free and skill-oriented. EA rejects the report having any plagiarism, error and which are not impressive. It is okay to have the same projects by two different students but both of them should be from different universities with a different project name.

    Evidence candidate must include

    Personal information: Passport size photograph, biodata page of candidates passport, name change documents (if any), CV or resume, English language test result.

    Application: Evidence of professional registration (if any)

    Education: Academic certificates, all the relevant documents of the CDR report.

    Employment: Documents of work experiences mentioning duration, location, and name of the position.

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