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CDR Report rejection by Engineers Australia (EA)

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    One of the most popular CDR services in high demand is CDR report writing service. Australian authorities like Engineers Australia (EA) and Australian Computer Society (ACS) evaluate the skill sets of Engineers from across the world who desire to work in the Australian landscape. The same is done through migration skill assessment tests. Engineers Australia (EA) requires a prospective candidate to submit Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) and ACS require the prospective candidate to submit Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report. Similarly, Engineers New Zealand requires the candidates to submit Knowledge Assessment 02 (KA02) report to assess the candidate. Only after successful submission of these Migration Skill Assessment tests can an engineer is allowed to work in Australia/New Zealand.

    Competency Demonstration Report requires a candidate to engrave the CDR, organize the Continuing Professional Documents (CPD) list, write all three Career Episodes and prepare a Summary Statement. The Career Episodes comprise of three essays (1000 to 2500 words) to be written in the first person only. The candidates explain through the career episodes the different aspects of their experience as an engineer. But unfortunately, even after all the above-mentioned efforts, the results might be far from satisfactory.

    EA can ask a candidate to re-submit a CDR report, assess a candidate for a category lesser than what he was aiming for or may simply discard it- based on certain technicalities that is totally unknown to the candidate. This is where CDR report writing service comes to the aid of candidates. We at NeedCDRReport understand the importance and focus on the report so that it becomes the notable one that will bag the candidates the authorization to get certified by the Engineering Australia.

    How can NeedCDRReport help me?

    We have come across a number of highly disappointed and upset Engineers post-evaluation of their CDR by EA since they have been pegged as ‘Engineering Associate’ or ‘Engineering Technologist’. The catch is if one is assessed for any category other than the one applied for, it may result in loss of opportunity for the candidate to be in the SOL list and hence may even be called for the immigration interview. Even if a candidate did make it to Australia, he will not be entitled to certain jobs that he is otherwise qualified for being an engineering graduate.

    The following is a list of reasons for rejection of CDR we have observed during the tenure of our existence in this service:

    • CE contents not detailed through a proper paragraph, instead bullet points are being used by a candidate.
    • Plagiarised content is another shocking reason. Candidates are often caught copying and pasting anything in their project.
    • Excessive use of tables, photos, diagram and photos in their CDR report. The same requires a proper explanation for all such analysis.
    • Projects are often described as two Career Episodes.
    • Candidates often stress on teamwork instead of highlighting the role they have played in the project. EA simply will not assess the CDR report where the candidate has not properly explained the duties and responsibilities undertaken by them in their previous projects.
    • EA prefers candidates who write their CDR report in Australian English. So, in absence of proper formatting of CDR report, the assessor may form a negative impression.
    • Another serious mistake made by Engineers is to skip details of company and objective of the project in which the candidate was a part of.

    Our CDR/RPL/KA02 review team pay total attention to all the above details and much more and provide a complete review of the skill assessment report that will help a prospective Engineer to get an entry into Australian/New Zealand engineering landscape.

    Our dedicated effort and earnestness of our experts have made us one of the best CDR report writing service providers in Australia who has fruitfully assisted the candidates to a job in Australia as an engineer. It has been years that we have been rendering our services to the aspiring candidates with excellent CDR report writing help to achieve their set goals successfully.

    As per the statistics, 10 out of 100 students fail to get a job in Australia as the review of CDR Reports are not promising enough to convince the panel of invigilators to secure a job for themselves in Australia.

    Why trust our services for CDR Report writing service?

    Year after years thousands of students are engaging themselves with us to get designed an impressive CDR for the final presentation based on our world-class CDR report writing service. Our truly world-class archive of RPL sample/CDR sample/KA02 sample is also a rich source of information for a prospective candidate. We assure you that the success rate of our CDR Report writing services very high as most of our students have successfully bagged a job in this country as an engineer. Also, we bring originality and exclusivity to our work. Our work is 100% plagiarised free and has significance to our previous work. As it is the final presentation, submission of the work is very crucial to make an impactful impression, so we deliver our work within the given targeted time. This helps the candidates to meet the deadline and achieve their targets successfully.

    We don’t just believe in words but we believe in proving our candidature. Though we charge a minimum amount for our services that is worth for the service that we deliver with high quality. Our responsibility does not end by just delivering the work to the students but it continues as our student might require our help further. So to stand by our students all the time, we have our specialized department who are accessible 24/7. This team of experts is there to assist the candidates with expert guidance so that they succeed in their mission.

    About Us

    We started as a small company with the motto to help the students in need, but now we have grown with time because of support of our students seeking help from us. We have grown with our students and success has become the story of our success. CDR Report writing service was just a mode of serving the next generation, but it is actually a service that we render to our country by giving some jewel engineers. Hope our CDR Report writing help fulfill your requirement and bag your job in the field of Engineering in Australia/New Zealand.

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