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CDR For Engineers Australia

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    Got a CDR to prepare?

    Well, Don’t Worry!

    You have landed at the right place.

    Here, we are going to discuss how to prepare an attractive CDR for the engineering students looking to pursue their career in Australia.

    Let's start with what exactly a CDR is?

    CDR is a report that is used to assess the qualities of candidates willing to pursue a job in the field of engineering in Australia. It is one of the most important documents for the students.

    They work very hard to score good marks in their academic life; they spend endless nights working on the projects allotted to them. A CDR report is as important as the grades scored by the students and the projects worked upon. The Australia assessment committee assesses the skills of the students on the basis of the CDR submitted to them.

    Therefore, it is very important to understand how to prepare an attractive CDR.

    Let us know to discuss step by step the process behind preparing an attractive CDR:

    Read the guidance properly:

    Clear guidelines have been mentioned on the site for the students to help them in preparing the CDR report. Thus, it is very important to study the entire guideline before starting to work upon your CDR report.

    Students can find all the guidelines easily available on the website. It has been seen that many of the CDR gets rejected just because the candidates fail to follow the appropriate guidelines.

    Download the appropriate format:

    The candidates are required to download the appropriate format for the profile in which they are willing to apply. There is a separate format for each of the profiles that students are willing to undertake.

    It is very important to download the appropriate format. A CDR can get rejected if you fail to submit the information in the correct format.

    The content of your CDR report:

    While writing the content of your CDR report, keep in mind that it must be written in a very attractive way. The most important part of your content is your academic and professional qualifications.

    While writing the content of your report, keep in mind to present the information in a pointwise format.

    While writing the educational qualification keep in mind the following points:

    • Mention the name of the Institute from which you have passed your degree.
    • Mention the degree pursued in your engineering career.
    • Mention the starting and the end date of your academic course.
    • Give details of your project that you have undertaken during your Academy life.

    It would be much better if you are able to present your findings while undergoing your project.

    While writing your professional qualification, keep in mind the following points in mind:

    • Mention the name of the company for which you have worked.
    • Mention the profile that you were assigned in that company.
    • Mention the joining and the leaving date in your company.
    • State the reasons behind leaving the said company.
    • Mention the projects in which you were directly involved.
    • Mention the difficulties faced by you and how you were able to resolve it.

    An adequate format:

    It is very important to apply an adequate format to your report. This will enable you in making your CDR much more attractive. The more attractive your CDR is, the more the assessment committee will be interested in going through it.

    While adding a format to your report, keep in mind the following points:

    • Keep it as simple as possible
    • Use the fonts “Times New Roman” or “Times”, as these are the two acceptable formats for writing academic reports.
    • Keep the font size as 12.
    • Draft an attractive cover page for your report.

    Prepare a summary report:

    A summary report is a summarized format of your entire CDR report. The assessment committee goes through this summary report in order to assess your capabilities in this field.

    Thus, it is very important to keep it as concise as possible.

    While preparing a summary report, keep in mind that none of the important points have been skipped by you. Try to keep all the information in a pointwise format. Generally, the size of a summary report is one-third of your entire report.

    Proofread your report:

    It is very important to proofread your entire report before submitting it for assessment. You are required to ensure that your report is free from any errors or mistakes. These mistakes may occur due to a grammatical error or inappropriate punctuation or spelling mistakes.

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