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5 CDR Mistakes That Engineers in Australia Are Often Found to Commit

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    CDR is a set of documents that shows the qualifications, skills, experience, and knowledge of an engineer. To migrate and work in Australia as an engineer you need to clear their Skills Assessment Test by Engineers Australia.

    Every year thousands of applications get rejected just because of minor mistakes made in CDR writing. These minor mistakes can lead to a negative assessment outcome, there were few cases when applicants were banned for a year. These could be avoided by focusing on a few tips. 

    Therefore, it is very important to write your CDR properly. Authorities Engineers Australia issues a booklet in which they write all the guidelines and structures for application and CDR including structure, episodes, language, word count and many more aspects. A CDR should be prepared with all the guidelines given in the MSA Booklet

    Thus, to follow the MSA Booklet is a must. 

    These 5 common mistakes people often commit:

    1. Copied content from the internet 

    It is the easiest way to make a CDR but how it can ruin your application for Skills Assessment Test. Authorities are smart and they are experts in their work they maintain such standards to assess your application. In very little time, they will understand that content is not original and unique. This is the way you reduce your chances to clear skills assessment test.

    It is very easy to copy content for your CDR, but it is not relevant and not valid according to Engineers Australia authorities. Copied content can easily be detected. If it is found plagiarized content, it will be a breach and it will be against their ethics. You can also be banned for a year. Then it will become very difficult for you to appear again. 

    1. English language proficiency

    A very essential skill for clearing skills assessment test is English language proficiency. The content of your CDR should be written in the English language without any errors or mistakes. The language of your CDR shows your hold on written communication.

    the advice is avoiding grammatical mistakes and write in clear words so the person who is reading must understand. Grammatical mistakes will reduce your chances to clear skills assessment test.

    1. Format and structure

    Engineers Australia publishes a booklet called ‘MSA Booklet’. In this booklet, all the guidelines, format and structure are written to be taken care of by CDR writer. Basically, it has all the information you need to know before making CDR.

    The application will be rejected even when you have the best content, skills or experience, because of format and structure. You should be following correct numbers for paragraphs e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3

    There must be 3 career episodes with a limit of words and paragraphs. A CDR is best advised 1000 – 2500 words.

    1. Fake content

    To secure your chances to clear the test you should be avoiding fake content e.g. fake projects, certificates, experience or any fake information. This will be a breach of guidelines and your application will be rejected and action can be taken against you if found fake.

    The best advice is, do not use any information that you will fail to prove if asked. Most applications are rejected because of fake projects written in CDR. Also, write your role in the projects you have been part of. Do not use words e.g. we did, we found. This shows your teamwork, not yours.

    1. Taking content from someone else’s CDR

    This is the most common mistake people commit. If your friend received a good assessment score doesn’t mean you will clear with the same marks. If content found similar your application will directly be sent to rejections and plagiarized content.

    The content should original not copied. Engineers Australia will easily detect copied content. They have software and data of all the reports they receive and clear. So, there is no chance that you can clear with copied content. They are very strict about plagiarism and anything against their guidelines.

    Help from experts:

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