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13 Reasons for Your CDR Rejection

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    Got a CDR to write?

    Any idea how to work upon it?

    Don’t worry at all!

    In this blog, we will discuss what a CDR is and what are the reasons behind it getting rejected.

    A CDR is a report used for assessing the skills of the engineers intending to get placed in a renowned company as an engineer in Australia.

    Thus, it is very important for the students to prepare it seriously. They work day and night to score better marks in their examination. Students spend endless nights, managing the projects they get. A CDR is as important as this for a student.

    Who assesses the CDR?

    The CDR is assessed by the assessing committee of Australia. There is a given set of guidelines that are required to be followed by the students. The assessment of the students depends upon their skills in the field of engineering.

    What is the two most important part of a CDR?

    The two most important part of a CDR is the academic qualification section and the professional experience section. A candidate wanting to get its CDR approved is required to smartly work upon these two sections of his/her report.

    Below are mentioned few tips that will help the students in making a much attractive and creative CDR:


    The academic qualification in a CDR is the most important part of it. The assessing committee evaluates this part in order to judge the skills of a student in their academic life.

    While writing this section, keep in mind the following points:

    • Mention the degree pursued by you as well as the institution from where you passed.
    • Mention the grade you were able to obtain.
    • Arrange all this information chronologically, starting from the recently pursued one.
    • State the projects you have undergone during your academic life.
    • State the additional qualification achieved by you other than your academic achievements.


    The professional experience is the second most important part of your report. This part of the report is evaluated to judge the corporate experience you have in your career. Thus, while writing this part, keep the following things in mind:

    • State the company for which you have worked.
    • State the date of joining and the date of leaving.
    • State the reasons for leaving the said company.
    • State the projects which you were in charge of, or the projects in which you were directly related.
    • State the difficulties faced by you while working on your projects.
    • State the ways in how you were able to manage the issues, if possible.

    Does a CDR get rejected?

    Yes, it is very common to get a CDR rejected. A CDR is a very crucial document used for assessing the capabilities of a student in getting selected. Thus, it is very important for a candidate to work upon his/her CDR very smartly. A single mistake and your CDR may easily get rejected.

    Let us now discuss, 13 most important reasons behind a CDR getting rejected.


    It is very important for the candidates to follow proper guidelines. Most of the CDR gets rejected just because the students do not stick in following the guidelines.


    A CDR may also get rejected if the students fail to comply with the general rules and regulations of the CDR report. Thus, it is very important to study it before starting to work upon it.


    A CDR may also get rejected if the content of the report is not adequate. i.e., a candidate is unable to present it in an attractive and creative way.


    A CDR may also get rejected if it contains a lot of errors. These errors may be either due to spelling mistake, or an improper sentence structure or a grammatical mistake.


    A CDR may get rejected if any of the document required by it is not submitted within the given time required by it. Thus, you need to be assured that you follow the adequate timing for the submission of your documents.


    A CDR may also get rejected of the student has inadequate qualifications in his/her report. A student must possess a minimum qualification in order to get its CDR approved.


    A CDR may also get rejected if the students do not have the required professional qualifications. The students are required to have minimum years of work experience to get their CDR approved.


    A CDR may also get rejected if a student does not follow an appropriate format. There is a separate format for each of the profiles. You have to select the appropriate format for your desired profile.


    A CDR may get rejected if it exceeds the minimum required word count for each of your content. Thus, it is very important to write all the content within the allowed word counts.


    It is rather more important to state the achievements than mentioning the technical details in your assignment. An excessive presentation of it may cause the CDR to get rejected.


    The structure of your entire report must be adequate. It is very important to state each of your requirements adequately in your report. Thus, presentation plays a very important role in your report.


    The summary statement added to your report must be proper. The committee can assess your entire report by just studying the summary report. Thus, it is very important to follow it properly.


    It is very important to state this report properly. It must provide all the necessary details as permits guidelines.

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