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Anzsco Codes

Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (Anzsco) Codes for each occupation.

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    How to Choose a Suitable ANZSCO Codes and an Apt Occupation from it?

    Are you skilled and ready to go to Australia to get an occupation? Knowing about ANZSCO codes will prove to be useful for you. Here we guide you about choosing a suitable ANZSCO codes and occupation from it.


    It is an abbreviation that stands for Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation. This is a system that gathers, publishes and analyses occupation statistics. The code is used by DIAC or Department of Immigration and Citizenship for gathering information present in VISA and settlement/citizenship programs.

    Here are the lists of ANZSCO codes for various Engineering Professionals specified by Engineers Australia. 


    Skilled Occupation ANZSCO Code
    Telecommunications Field Engineer 313212
    Electrical Engineering Technician 312312
    Electrical Engineering Draftsperson 312311
    Civil Engineering Technician 312212
    Civil Engineering Draftsperson 312211
    Telecommunications Network Engineer 263312
    Telecommunications Engineer 263311
    Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263111
    Engineering Professionals (nec) 233999
    Environmental Engineer 233915
    Engineering Technologist 233914
    Biomedical Engineer 233913
    Agricultural Engineer 233912
    Aeronautical Engineer 233911


    Skilled Occupation ANZSCO Code
    Petroleum Engineer 233612
    Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum) 233611
    Production or Plant Engineer 233513
    Mechanical Engineer 233512
    Industrial Engineer 233511
    Electronics Engineer 233411
    Electrical Engineer 233311
    Transport Engineer 233215
    Structural Engineer 233214
    Geotechnical Engineer 233212
    Civil Engineer 233211
    Materials Engineer 233112
    Chemical Engineer 233111
    Engineering Manager 133211


    It is ANSZCO that sets out what qualifications and experience you would need to perform the occupation chosen by you. If you are skilled, wish to go to Australia for a job and have applied for a visa under skilled migration, a case officer working with DIAC that assesses your VISA application can see your required qualification, your work experience, etc. in ANZSCO Codes.

    "Given here are certain examples to make things clearer to you:

    ANZSCO CODE: 351411

    Occupation: Cook

    Assessing Authority: TRA or Trades Recognition Australia

    Description: Prepare, cook and season different types of food in dining and catering setups

    Indicative Skill Level:  AQF Certificate III having 2-years of on-job training or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3): At least 3 years of relevant experience in addition to the formal qualification."

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    What is the purpose of ANZSCO Codes?

    It is a skill-based classification system under which occupations are developed to standardize the gathering, analysis, and dissemination of all the occupation related details for the jobs. It includes public sector jobs also.

    This occupation coding system is developed by ABS or Australian Bureau of Statistics New Zealand in collaboration with the Department of Workplace and Employment Relations. The system is relied on by the data collection agencies and state jurisdictions. It describes the position in terms of the necessary skills and reliability.

    There are different types of occupation codes and ANZSCO uses as many as 998 occupation codes. The commission recognizes that there are certain jobs that are described by multiple codes and hence a professional help is to be taken for choosing the right code.

    Steps to Determine ASCZO Code:

    Step 1:

    Given here are the 8 major groups for you to choose the best fitting one for yourself

    • People having managerial duties come in Group 1
    • Professionals comprise of Group 2
    • Provision of community or support services Group 4
    • Position providing administrative support to other projects or tasks is in Group 5.

    Group 1: Managerial Positions:

    Managers organize plan, control and coordinate day to day operations and the major functions in the industrial, government, defense and government organizations with the help of subordinate executives.

    Group 1 – Managers

    Managers plan, organize, direct, control, coordinate and review the day-to-day operations and major functions or commercial, industrial, government and defense organizations through departmental managers and subordinate executives.

    Group 2-Professionals

    They perform analytical, creative and conceptual tasks by applying their theoretical knowledge and experience in the fields of design, engineering, transport, education, health and communication technology, etc.

    Group 3- Trade Workers and Technicians:

    They perform a wide variety of tasks and apply their broad and in-depth, technical trade or industry-specific knowledge to support their building, engineering or manufacturing activities. People under this group generally hold diplomas or certificates of their relevant industry.

    Group 4- Community workers or Personal Service Workers:

    These professionals indulge in patient care, provide information and support wide-ranging social welfare matters in the areas of childcare, education, hospitality, fitness, sports, etc. and their services have a direct impact on society.

    Group 5: Administrative or Clerical Workers:

    These people are meant for supporting professionals, managers, and organizations by helping them organize and rendering all the information available to them. Experience in the relevant field and Certificate III or IV is required in this field.

    Group 6: Salespeople

    Those selling goods, services and properties fall in this group. They are for the purpose of providing sales support by displaying and demonstrating services and goods.

    Group 7: Machinery Operators

    They are responsible for operating plants, vehicles, machines and another sort of equipment for the purpose of performing agricultural and manufacturing functions. They need to move materials or have to transport freight or passengers. Occupations in this group need Certificates II or III in the relevant field.

    Group 8th of the list comprises of laborers.

    Step 2: Determining the role

    As a next step, you need to determine the area or field where the position actually sits.

    • Which field is the position related for instance childcare, health, financial services, mechanics, agriculture, etc.?
    • What type of role will be taken by the person choosing any of these fields?

    Step 3: Determining organizational fitness

    Once you have determined the code provisionally, you need to check out:

    • Is the code fitting the corporate structure?
    • Do the one's codes as mangers have managerial duties actually?
    • Are the professional positions coded as they are rather their administrative duties or vice-versa?

    How to Decide Which Skilled Occupation to Choose?

    Deciding which skilled occupation to choose if you want an Australian Visa for General Skilled Migration can be an easy and straightforward or a very difficult process. Sometimes it is utterly simple. You can choose educational qualifications, skills and experience if you choose “Translator” or a “Marketing Specialist” or a “cook. But, there are certain complicate cases like a person having educational qualifications, skills and the work experience in the field of pharmacy cannot go in for or nominate “Industrial Pharmacist” or Hospital or Retail Pharmacist as their profession.

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    In most cases, people will have backgrounds that would overlap with two or more different areas. This is where most people get confused and fail to take any decision. Given here are some important considerations when you decide on what particular occupation you will nominate in ANZSCO. How would you choose the correct code for your occupation?

    • First of all, you need to check out whether you meet all the criteria set out by the assessing authority for the occupation chosen by you including your work experience requirement. If you have the desired qualifications, expertise, and skills in a particular field but decide to changed your career path and have worked in another field, you will not receive a positive assessment. Relevant and non-disruptive work experience is necessary.
    • If you think that you have satisfying work experience and would obtain a positive skill assessment for that, you need to check out the list thoroughly. Check out whether you have performed some or a majority of the tasks given there by the assessing authority. Always remember that your experience at a less skilled level or in the area which is not relevant has a negative influence on over and all assessment.
    • Find out the minimum educational requirement for a skill relevant to you and find out whether you need to hold any formal qualification for the same also.
    • If you have overseas qualifications, find out what particular qualification under AQF or Australian Qualification framework would be relevant. So, keep in mind that a bachelor's degree awarded by any overseas institution cannot equate an Australian undergraduate degree.
    • In no case, you should be relying on skilled work-experience to claim points for the points test. Find out what all requirements of the skills assessing authority are to be met.
    • Most important of all in choosing the right case, you need to choose the one that is closely related to your work experience.
    • If you think that your eligibility requirement is suitable for more than one skilled occupation and confused about which one to choose. Look for the benefit of selecting one occupation over the other (like in which you have the desired work experience, which occupation has a lesser English language threshold set out by territory or state Government etc. Also, choose out availability for nomination by territory or state government.) There are other considerations as well that you can take into account.
    • If you have past experience of studying or working in Australia, will this be an added advantage to nominate a particular occupation or the desired work experience in your chosen field is still required?)

    Deciding on which ASZCO code would be suitable for you can become utterly confusing at times and people tend to take wrong decisions. For instance, Software Engineer (261313), Software Tester (261314) and ICT Quality Assurance Engineer (263211), to choose the correct code in this situation is difficult as all of the above jobs need the same qualification and skill set. Hence it is good to take the help of a professional.

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